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The Best Instagram Tips To Make Your Posts More Engaging


Increasing Instagram posts’ engagement is increasingly becoming hard, thanks to the cut-throat competition from established brands and sponsored posts. There is no longer a guarantee that your posts will get the attention it deserves, and thus you might end up working so hard but get too little from your work.

But you should not despair; there is a lot you can do to make your posts more engaging and still get the attention of other Instagram users. Here are some of the top tips that you can use to ensure your posts get more engagements.

1. Focus on quality.

The fact that you have an Instagram account and you post regularly doesn’t mean that your posts are meaningful to people. You must first find out what your audience wants, then work hard to meet their needs.

Posting quality posts each day is the secret of getting user engagements on your posts. These can be images, captions, or even videos. You always have to try and generate posts that are meaningful to your audience. The posts need to be thought-provoking so that others can leave a comment, like, or even hitting the Call-To-Action.

2. Posts more photos.

Instagram is more of a visual platform. When you scroll through some of the popular brands on Instagram, you will realize that they focus more on posting great photos of their products. And while captions are equally important, having visually appealing photos can help you quickly get user engagements.

It is highly unlikely that your audience and other Instagram users will just pass your photos if they are appealing. Most of them will leave a like or a comment, which is great metrics when it comes to measuring user engagement on posts.

3. Ensure you have as many followers as possible.

Just like any other marketing platform, you must have enough followers on your Instagram account for you to succeed in getting enough engagements on your posts. Remember that your followers are usually the first people to know when you post and are fundamental when it comes to sharing the content on their accounts as well.

But getting followers on Instagram is no always easy. It needs hard work and even some investment. You will be shocked to learn that most of the established brands on Instagram started by buying Instagram followers from Instagrowing and others. When you buy followers, what you essentially do it to give your account a boost, tell Instagram bots that your account is relevant to many people, and thus be able to rank. Once you have ranked, you can now start getting followers organically.

4. Know when to post.

Timing is key to success in Instagram marketing. You must learn those times when your audience is most active, as they are likely to engage with your posts. Imagine a situation where you post at a time when most of your followers are either asleep or busy with their other duties. Your posts might end up getting the very least engagements.

There are various tools that you can use to monitor the time when most of your followers are most active. Some social media analytics tools can be very vital for you to know the most appropriate time to post. Instagram Insights is also an important tool that can help you know the best time to post for various followers based on their locations. This tool, however, is available for those with Instagram business profiles.

You can also choose to track the best time when your followers are online manually. Testing different post times and recording them into a spreadsheet can be just as effective if you are low on budget.

5. Utilize popular hashtags.

On Instagram, there is the Explore page. This can be a gold mine to your journey towards getting more post engagements. This page helps people find some relevant stories which might be on interest to them from Instagram accounts that they don’t follow. You can use this page not just to get engagements for your posts, but also to get more and more followers.

You can use relevant and popular hashtags to get your posts into the Explore page and get more engagements. If you find it hard to get popular hashtags, then you can use a hashtag generator such as https://smmrank.net/instagram-hashtags-generator to do the work for you. You can click on and generate free very popular hashtags that will see your posts start getting the much-needed engagements.

6. Invest in sponsored ads.

Instagram ads shouldn’t be a new thing to you if you have been on this platform for long. You must have realized that they are everywhere on the platform, and the well-established brands are using them to win over more customers for their products.

Sponsored posts are very vital if you want to get engagements from Instagram users who are not following you already. Before the ads were introduced, only your followers would engage with your posts, thus limiting the potential and even the returns that you could get from your work. With sponsored posts, you can now promote your posts to anyone that you would wish to target. All you need to do is specify the location where you would like the ads to show, and even the time when you want them to be seen.

It is also worth noting that sponsored ads don’t have to run your pocket dry. You can always control your budget, specifying the amount of money that you would like to spend on them in your efforts to increase post engagements on Instagram.

7. Engage your followers.

Posting a photo or video with quality captions is just as key as engaging with your followers. After you have posted, there is a high likelihood that people will start commenting and liking. You need to encourage them by replying to their comments and even starting conversations around your posts. This is a clear way to have more engagements on each post, and in the long-run, you will realize that even those who did not initially follow you will start following you.