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[Review] Kajabi Pages: A Powerful, Pre-Integrated Landing Page Builder


Kajabi Pages

Kajabi is an all-in-one business platform that makes it easy for freelancers, solopreneurs, influencers and business owners to create online courses and launch marketing campaigns.

The platform also lets users build landing pages and design a complete website for their business.

Recently, Kajabi announced its all-new landing page builder, Kajabi Pages. It’s designed to help business owners build pages for their websites, faster. The page editor experience itself is amazingly powerful, flexible and intuitive. But most importantly, it’s simple to use, and it comes pre-integrated with everything else you can do within the Kajabi ecosystem.

In this article, we’ll dig deeper into Kajabi Pages, highlighting its standout features and the key benefits that the new tool offers. Along the way, we’ll also explain how Kajabi Pages will impact your business.

1. Themes and Presets.

As an online business owner, you can use Kajabi Pages to build landing pages for any number of purposes, including homepages, product pages, offer squeeze pages and sales pages. Out of the box, Kajabi Pages comes with 21 professionally-crafted templates that give you a solid starting point.

Kajabi Pages

Once you login to your Kajabi dashboard and head over to the Pages section, you’ll find a family of basic templates called Streamlined templates, in addition to more advanced templates including Charly, Iris, Luca, and Eva. These slick, unconventionally designed templates are great for just about any sort of business.

With Kajabi Pages, you can create:

  • Optin pages
  • Sales pages
  • Webinar pages
  • Download pages

It’s great for business owners looking for themes and templates for specific use cases such as online courses or sales pages for your nutrition site or upcoming event.

The Kajabi Pages page builder comes with 45 preset Sections out of the box that make it easy to build pages, faster. These include:

  • Blogs
  • Events
  • FAQ
  • Features
  • Hero
  • Images
  • Lead generation forms
  • Offers
  • Pricing
  • Text

It’s also worth mentioning that the preset sections are better organized and searchable within the Editor window. So, instead of browsing through dozens of presets, you can simply search for what you’re looking for.

2. Customization.

One of the standout features on offer with the all-new Kajabi Pages is that it comes with even more customization options. Its new options let you customize each element far more than what was possible previously.

Kajabi Pages

For example, you can:

  • Change the button color, width, size, style, and border.
  • Set margins and padding to various page elements with pixel precision.
  • Play around with animation types, delays, direction, duration, and reveal.

Kajabi Pages also makes it easy to revert back to default settings. If you’re not happy with, say, the margin spacing, simply leave those field values blank, and the template will automatically reset to the default spacing settings.

Kajabi Pages

Put simply, you get more design flexibility, with fewer customization settings, and super easy execution. This combination is especially important for business owners who aren’t designers or tech wizards, as it gives you everything you need to put together compelling, contemporary, clean, eye-catching designs that drive conversions.

However, it’s also great for design experts who want to make sure that all page elements line up well with each other on a 12-column grid system, for example.

3. Advanced Design Tools.

Kajabi Pages also comes with more advanced design tools that are ideal for design-minded folks and others for whom powerful visual branding is a deal-breaker.

Kajabi Pages

For example, it offers the following one-click design options:

  • Always show on mobile
  • Make flush
  • Show overlay on hover
  • Animate
  • Fixed background image
  • Make section full-width

In addition to this, it also lets you add video backgrounds and various background effects to your sales pages.

This is great for showcasing quick product demos, a customer onboarding process, or what your product experience is all about. It’s a great way to make your website look modern by creating a sense of artistry. To take things to the next level, you can play around with dynamic animations and time reveal sections.

Kajabi Pages also lets you add the following page elements to your landing pages:

  • Exit popups
  • Code blocks
  • Two-step opt-in forms
  • Carousels
  • Dropdown menus
  • Video modals
  • Widgets
  • Customized video players

The best part is that you don’t need any design or development experience to get started. It’s a no-code approach to creating visually appealing and feature-rich designs that are optimized for delivering a unified user experience across devices.

4. Lightning Loader.

Whether you’re an online course instructor, consultant, organizer of events and webinars, membership community manager, or course merchant, it’s important to have fast loading web pages. They not only help you deliver better user experiences but also improve search engine rankings.

This goes a long way to increasing your organic conversions.

All Kajabi Pages are optimized for speed, which means you don’t have to worry about signing up with third-party services or optimizing your design to improve page loading speed. Kajabi Pages come with Lightning Loader technology built in, which lets you automatically improve your website loading times and overall site performance.

Kajabi Pages

In technical terms, Kajabi’s new Lightning Loader provides local caching. This speeds up your landing page loading time by storing a copy of the data closer to the application. To enable it, simply toggle the Lightning Loader setting for your Kajabi website and landing pages from the Settings tab. That’s it!

5. Fully Integrated.

One of the best features of Kajabi Pages is that they’re fully integrated. What this means is that they’re seamlessly connected to everything else you’ve created in the Kajabi platform.

For example, if you sell online courses, you might have Pipelines set up for your lead generation and marketing automation purposes. Kajabi Pages offers features that let you pull data – such as contact information – directly from your lead generation tools.

In addition to Pipelines, Kajabi Pages also connect with other Kajabi features including:

  • Checkout pages
  • Email marketing
  • Digital products in Kajabi
  • Analytics

Let’s quickly explore some possible use cases:

  • All of the contact information you collect from lead generation forms goes to Kajabi. This way, you can easily track prospective customers and continue the dialogue through segmented email marketing campaigns.
  • Pages offers tight integrations with the digital products you’ve set up in Kajabi. This makes it easy for customers to purchase, access, and view your content and products in a streamlined way. You can also use this to present offers and upsell to customers.
  • If you have webinars or events set up in Kajabi, you can integrate them into Kajabi Pages for promotion and to collect registrations.
  • Pages also let you add quizzes and assessments directly into your landing pages. This is a great way to give prospects a quick preview of what they can expect to receive by signing up for your online course or training program.

6. Back End Features.

Aside from enhanced user experiences, Kajabi Pages also help you better manage your business website’s back end.

For starters, you can upload an unlimited number of videos into your Pages. The platform offers private video hosting on all plans served by the Wistia video loader. This is great for businesses that want to showcase online course previews or leverage video ads to promote their products.

In addition to this, you can easily customize how different sections appear on different device types, such as desktops, tablets, or smartphones. For example, you can choose to disable animations on mobile devices.

Finally, you can create unlimited Kajabi Pages for your business, whether it’s to run full-scale marketing campaigns or one-time product promotions. There’s no limit to the number of Pages you can have published at any given time.


Like everything else Kajabi has rolled out, with Pages, you’re able to focus solely on your business and message rather than getting bogged down in technology and losing sight of what it is you were trying to do. It’s great for both business owners who aren’t “design experts” and design experts looking for fine-grain control over their landing page designs.

The platform comes with tons of templates and presets out of the box, with lots of customization options. In addition to this, you’re also able to make the most of the fully-integrated platform to increase conversions and improve all sorts of user flows.

With the new Pages experience, Kajabi has taken a powerful all-in-one online business management platform and taken it to a new level. If you ever felt that your digital product business website needed to integrate with an external page building tool to offer you the visual and functional power that your brand deserves, you probably don’t need to feel that way any more.

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