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Your SMS Marketing Guide


Usage of mobile phones is increasing at a great pace and people tend to spend a major part of their day on mobile phones. SMS refers to the service of sending messages to communicate. Businesses are nowadays implementing their marketing strategies in messages as well. If you are new to SMS marketing then learn to incorporate it effectively with the help of our SMS Marketing guide. As a marketer, you can easily communicate exciting deals or launch of a new product or service to your customers.

Almost one in three people across the entire globe use mobile phones. An interesting fact about SMS marketing is that you don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to send or receive messages. Hence, it can be one of the most effective means of promoting your brand. Unfortunately, very few businesses realize the power of SMS marketing.

Yes, people do open their text messages.

People open their messages more than emails and you can observe its potential. They also respond to messages more than emails. Your clients need to have trust in your brand then they will engage with the messages you send. SMS marketing is used by businesses to communicate with their customers by text. Collect phone numbers of your customers and send them updates about your brand instead of cold-calling them. Your clients will appreciate your effort to stay in touch with them.

Small efforts include reminding them about an offer that is running in your store or sending a thank you message to your existing client. A link to the company’s website can also be provided in the message. You can send them coupons too. Use a call to action link in your text messages to keep your customers engaged. Remember not to bombard your text messages. Also, be careful about the time zones, you obviously don’t want to disturb your client in the middle of the night. Be safe and shoot your marketing messages at apt timings so that your clients can read them.

SMS Marketing Basics.

Follow some basic etiquettes of SMS marketing and stick to them. Build a lasting relationship with your clients so that they open your messages to see what you have in store for them.

Let us know how SMS marketing can help your business.

Good accessibility – More people are accessible to text messages. Mobile phones are used by almost everyone nowadays.

Open rate – Open rate of text messages is very high. Studies show that almost 95% of people open their text messages and read.

Convenient – People check their mobile phones throughout the day and they keep checking for the messages every time.

Speed – Text messages are sent instantly and it is also observed that most people open their messages within three minutes of receiving them.

The first step though to start with SMS marketing is to build a contact list. Collect the phone numbers of your current and potential customers and send them messages. Your SMS marketing efforts are surely going to work if you are able to convince your consumers with simple text messages. It has worked for many and will work for you too.