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Do Staffing Agencies Provide Temporary Solutions?


Many people turn to staffing agencies to find a good job to start with after finishing their graduation. But there is a majority that never goes for such agencies while seeking jobs due to the misconception that has been around for a long time about staffing agencies that they only provide temporary and entry-level jobs. So those who are looking to expand their work experience to a higher position find it useless and never give it a real chance. 

If you belong to that majority, then keep reading on this article as we will tell you the functioning and benefits of a staffing agency. You will be able to understand that all the above rumors are only rumors and hold no validity. But before all this, it is important to first know what staffing agency is?

What is a Staffing Agency?

In very simple words, a staffing agency functions as a bridge between all the job seekers and companies seeking employees. It matches the profile of a job seeker with the requirements of a company that is looking to hire and connects both of them on a single platform. It is also known as a recruiting or search firm. 

Many staffing agencies hold specialization in dealing with specific industries while other recruiting agencies are general and provide opportunities that are not specific to one industry. So as a job seeker, it is advisable to first figure which type of staffing agency you want to get connected with according to your needs and skills.  

How does staffing agency work?

A staffing agency mainly serves the companies looking for new workers as they are agency’s clients. Job seekers are not the agency’s client, they are rather a solution that the staffing agency finds for its clients. So for businesses or companies, the recruiting firm does the entire process of hiring, interviewing and termination of the worker. Some businesses require workers on a temporary (project) basis while some are looking for prospect workers that can be turned into permanent employees. In such cases, a search firm pays the employee after the company hires him or her, and when the employee gets permanent, the agency stops paying as the company takes this responsibility. 

As a job seeker, the agency works for you by seeking appropriate jobs that fit your profile. You have to provide your full information, qualification and job industries you are looking to apply in. The recruiting agency uses this information to connect you with employers who have the requirements that match your profile. 

Benefits of a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies make the tiresome process of application and waiting for the interview call a lot easier and less stressful. As the recruiters typically have well-established connections that go deeper in job seeker’s targeted industry, therefore they can easily use their contacts to get you your dream job. So do not just wait around for the right opportunity to show up and create your opportunity with Luxor Staffing Agency Garland, TX.