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Improve Your Marketing In 2020


A brand new year is a fresh opportunity to take your business to new heights. You may have achieved a few of your business goals in 2019, and that’s amazing, now let’s ensure you keep that momentum going! When it comes to marketing, strategies are evolving all of the time.

To get you off to a good start in 2020, make sure to put these four on your to-do-list.

1 . Try Influencers.

If you haven’t leveraged the awesome power of influencers yet, make 2020 the year that you give it a try. As a business, you want to gain the trust and loyalty of your target audience. If you find the right influencer, they’ll already have that trust, ready and waiting for you to tap into. Influencers have plenty of followers who admire them and will listen carefully to their recommendations. What’s more, they know how to present the mention of your business as authentic within their content.

Such tactics are highly effective because the audience does not feel as though your business is pushing a sale. When an influencer talks about your business in their blog, you’ll get some excellent backlinks that do wonders for your SEO. Of course, SEO is vital to digital marketing, so if your own skills aren’t top-notch, it could be a wise idea to call in a professional SEO agency

2. Cross Promotion.

Cross-promotions can be an excellent way to start up an exciting marketing campaign. Essentially, you collaborate with a similar business on a one-time promotion or event. The promotion involves the purchase or offer of both products in some form. By similar business, we don’t mean a business selling exactly the same products, just a business that’s complimentary. One example might be a clothing brand teaming up with a cosmetics company for a special offer or competition. Cross-promotion can be great because you get to access a whole new target audience and extend your reach. 

3. Improve UX Design.

Your website is crucial to keep on boosting your brand power and sales. It’s well worth looking to improve the UX design of your site as much as you can. Firstly, use tools like Google PageInsights to ensure that your website is built for speed. Next, work out your layout to ensure that all is easy to navigate. Great websites should require no explanation and be simple to use. Make sure that there is enough white space between your images and other content so that your pages don’t feel cluttered.

Ask for feedback about your website, and use the data you gain to make improvements. When it comes to digital marketing, reviewing your efforts over time is crucial to boost the effectiveness of your strategies. 

4. Visual Content.

Marketing is all about visual content; consumers like videos and webinars where you brave going live! If you don’t have many visual aspects to your content right now, it’s a good plan to change this. It’s often been reported that consumers retain more of a message when they watch it in video format. Also, people prefer to share video content online- so you’ll likely increase your online presence by creating some.