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Top Challenges Tech Entrepreneurs Will Face In 2020


One of the things that makes the tech industry so interesting to work in is the incredible rate of change. There are always new technologies and new procedures being implemented, and firms which aspire to success will need to discern which are important and implement them.

If you’re a tech entrepreneur, you’ll face a range of familiar and novel challenges in 2020. Let’s take a look at a few of them!


The transfer of control from human beings to artificial intelligences has been underway for years now – and, arguably, a lot longer than that. In 2020 the process is likely to accelerate further, with complex datasets being analysed by AI, and informing decisions made by management. Voice assistants are also set to continue their rise, with chatbots forming an increasing proportion of conversations made both over the phone and via text.


The impact of voice assistants is likely to extend to the world of Search Engine Optimisation, too. With more and more Google searches being phrased as natural questions, it’ll be down to those who write for web to tailor their copy to meet the changing landscape. Of particular importance are snippets – the preview of your web content embedded directly into the Search Engine Results Page. While Search Engine Optimisation is something that online businesses have been having to contend with for years, the practice has been constantly evolving alongside Google’s search algorithm, and this evolution looks set to continue in 2020.

Data Protection.

The introduction of the European Union’s largest ever piece of data protection regulation, the GDPR, placed the onus on businesses to keep data secure and private. The law empowers individuals to take action against organisations who misuse their data. And with larger volumes of data coming in than ever before, the opportunity for a misstep, or a data breach, will be more considerable than ever. Legal representation from Withers will help your business to meet its legal obligations, when it comes to data protection and a range of other challenges.

Bringing in the Right Talent.

With Britain now set to finally leave (or, rather, begin the process of leaving) the European Union in January, the ability of tech firms to bring in the talent they need from overseas looks uncertain. The British government has stated a commitment to introducing a ‘points-based’ system, modelled after that of Australia. This levels the playing field somewhat, but it also means that international businesses will need to contend with a new and unfamiliar process of obtaining visas