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Digital Pouch Printing Advancements For Snack Food Packaging


For food businesses in the startup phase, finding professional, marketable packaging that also keeps products fresh is one of the big challenges to launch. It’s easy enough to find safe ways to seal your goods if you make them to sell in a deli at your own store, but once you branch out and begin selling your jerky, snacks, and other products in local stores, you are going to need snack food packaging that looks sharp to catch the customer’s eye.

You’re also going to need options that are made for travel, because you will have to ship your goods out to their retail space instead of controlling all the handling yourself.

Printed Snack Packaging.

The last decade has seen a revolution in materials science, especially when it comes to eco-friendly packaging materials. A wide range of companies have found niches, from green disposable picnic settings to sustainable flexible packaging for snack foods you need to eat on the go. Today, inexpensive printing methods and these new eco-friendly materials allow for digitally printed pouch packaging with bright graphics and an array of methods for keeping your snack foods safe.

  • Air packed stand up pouches
  • Sealed packages for freshness
  • Resealable stand up pouches
  • Roll stock

Pouch printing can act responsively, too, so it’s easy for you to add flavors or even entirely new products that use your previously approved packaging specs with new designs. Today’s digital printing technology typically performs jobs in a fraction of the time, and the software makes it easy to process in new designs.

Make an Investment in Package Marketing.

Your brand’s packaging is the face of your product in most cases. It carries your logo and unique flavor text, as well as important product information. That makes it an important first impression to customers who find it while browsing. When you plan print and online ads, that same packaging is likely to play a big role in the visual presentation of your goods, alongside the snacks themselves. Make sure that your designs look great on the food you make and next to it for the most effective campaign visuals.

It’s also important to remember your branding cycle, revamping the appearance of your packaging every couple years to keep it recognizable while freshening its look and brand messaging. Working with a responsive digitally printed packaging solution means being able to make those changes easily when they come. It’s a great idea to build a relationship with a team that can get to know your product, too, because as their relationship with your company matures, they will have the knowledge about your needs that they need to make solid recommendations when new packaging designs and materials become available.

Keep Your Supplies in Stock.

An ongoing relationship means more than just responsive design work. It also means having responsive deliveries when you are running low, as well as people who have your back when your business patterns change. It might take you a little while to realize things are picking up enough that you should order larger lots at a time, but a great supplier will be able to mention it when your purchase orders start coming closer and closer together. That’s the kind of help your startup needs.