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Four Business Benefits Of Being Organized


Starting a business can be wonderfully freeing. It can give you the true work life balance that you have been looking for, and it can bring you more money and success than ever before. However, if you are truly going to enjoy running your own business and being self employed, then you need to be organized. The more organized you are, even if it takes time to get everything right, the better the outcome will be.

If you can’t see the correlation, then read on – the business benefits of being organized are numerous.

1. You Can Grow.

A disorganized person is never going to make a great manager or boss. If they can’t organize their own day-to-day work and life, how will they deal with everyone else and run the kind of business that grows and becomes successful?

Start by making sure you can organize yourself, and then you will feel confident when the time comes to hire employees and really grow the business. Remember, there are many different tools to help you. If you grow to the point where you have a fleet of vehicles, Samsara fleet management can help; if you have multiple offices, video linking for meetings can save time and money and keep everyone efficient. Look at the tools around you and use them when you need them.

2. You Can Focus.

If you are not organized, you will have all kinds of thoughts and ideas running through your head – you’ll switch from one task to the next without completing the first, and nothing will get done. You’ll feel unproductive and you’ll stop moving forward – you might even move backwards.

When you are organized, perhaps utilizing to do lists or online calendars, you can focus your mind and energy on just one task, knowing that you can get everything done in time because you have planned it all out in advance.

3. You Will Be Motivated.

You may not realize it, but being disorganized will sap you of your motivation to continue and push your business to the next level. Being late with deadlines, forgetting to send invoices or chasing them when they are late, not updating your website, not updating your prices, all of these things can see your motivation slowly ebb away. You’ll see your business isn’t growing in the way you had hoped, and that maybe it is even losing money, and you might think about giving it up.

Being organized means this is much less likely to happen.

4. You Will Have More Time.

When you organize everything you need to do and allocate specific times or even days of the week to dedicate to these tasks, you’ll find that you get through everything much more quickly, and at the end of the to do list, you should have time to spare.

From here, you should be able to make a head start on the next day’s work if you want to, and find the time to unwind. This can be exactly what your business needs – you’ll go back into the office the next day feeling rested and ready to work.