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5 Top Cashback Apps For iOS And Android


Technology has change many lives for the better, but unfortunately there are also downsides such as employment levels. It is because of the advanced technology is replacing human resources. The high rate of unemployment has made many people unable to fulfill their needs, therefore, increasing the high number of crimes. Did you know there are other ways of increasing your income to meet your needs? You can earn that extra cash online. There are cashback apps that you can download on your iOS and Android to save you money.

The following are some of the best cash backs apps that you can use to save extra cash.

1. Paribus.

Paribus is a website that helps you keep tabs on price drops since when the price fluctuates, you may be eligible for a refund. It monitors your receipts for online purchases and notifies you if there’s been a price drop and immediately initiates the process of requesting a refund directly from the retailer.  In addition to requesting refunds due to fluctuating prices, it also monitors the delivery of your orders. If, by any chance, the delivery delays, Paribus swifts into action to ensure you get refunded for your delivery charges, therefore maximizing your potential earnings.

2. Dosh.

Dosh app is the latest app and among the best cashback app store now. It is currently the most sort-out after the cashback app. Unlike many other cash backs apps, the Dosh app doesn’t require you to scan receipts. You connect your credit card to the dosh app, and you will automatically receive your cashback for every qualifying purchase. Since it’s too easy to get your cashback, it may seem too right to be true.   The best thing about the dosh app is that it is legit; all your credit card information is not on the app. Therefore you can be sure that you won’t lose your hard-earned money since all data is tokenized and vaulted using Braintree.  Just like many other cashback apps, the Dosh app offers you anywhere between 1 to 5% cashback. With the Dosh app, there are various ways of making money. Whether it’s online shopping, in-store shopping, referring a friend or a business and linking your card to the app, you can be sure that you will get huge earnings. As soon as you have accrued a 25$ in your account, you can cash out by either depositing directing or through your pay pal account.

3. Drop app.

Drop app is an app that turns your everyday purchases into generating free money. Your ”credit or debits cards” will be turned into cashback earning machines.  By linking your credit or debit card to the drop app, a list of available cashback locations will be revealed to you. You will automatically receive your cashback after using your link card on any of the stores provided to you.  There are more ways to earning money on the drop app. From the start, when you download the drop app and provide your information and link your card, you will automatically receive a free 5$ gift card into your account. You can as well earn money by spending nights in a hotel, referring friends or businesses to the app, shopping through drop’s mobile apps, and playing supercharges bonus games on the app.  Download and link your credit or debit card to the drop app and wait to be amazed at how the app works in the shadows.  Spend like an average person and let the drop app load up your account with loads of points automatically.

4. Free bird.

The free bird is a free money app that allows you to get a little bit of your cashback on your everyday spending.  Just like any other cashback apps, with a drop app, you link your credit cards to the app, and then you earn points that you can redeem for gift cards.  What better way to make money for the money you were already spending away? After signing up for the free bird app and linking your credit or debit to it, you will get a list of stores that you can use to earn points. You can make money through various channels, from Using the promo code once you start, Spending nights in hotels, telling friends or businesses play supercharge bonus games, and shopping through the apps offers. It is definitely worth your time since it is easy and fast to sign up for the app and to set everything up. It is good to have the free bird app passively run in the background since you will be amazed once you revisit your account. You can cash out once you accrue 25$, which does not take long to achieve. The free bird is a legitimate app that is free of scams and extremely popular.

5. Pei app.

Pei app is an app that offers your cashback after your everyday shopping. It is the first app that gives automatic cash back rewards in the form of crypto-currency. You will only be needed to link your card into the app. Therefore you will not have to worry about loading coupons, in-app purchases, or scanning receipts. Pei app gives you a list of traders who are affiliated with the app. Pei app turns your primary credit or debit card into a cashback card and therefore lets you earn back your cash in a passive but straightforward way. Linking your debit or credit card information to the app might sound scary, but don’t worry all your data and information are not stored on the app; instead, they are left secured with your bank. You can cash on the app in various ways, some of them being, Shopping as usual at some of the affiliated stores, unlocking new loyalty levels,  Unlock cash boost, and referring friends or businesses to the app. Pei app requires a minimum of 15$ or 1500 Pei points before you can cash out. You can cash out with PayPal, Bitcoin, or choose a gift card to your favorite retailer.

What might be keeping you waiting? Try using one of the above cash backs apps and start earning to fulfill your needs.


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