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Ramish Zaidi On Top 5 Technologies To Look Forward To In 2020


by Ramish Zaidi, Managing Director of Vortex Infosolutions

The fourth revolution has already started, and it’s absolutely moving at a pace, double the speed of the last three revolutions together. While taking the 3rd revolution as a foundation, we already see numerous revolutions in the 4th one.

And 2020 is just the cornerstone year we were all looking out for. There are leading-edge innovations, ideas, and augmentations all boxed in one year.

To keep up with all the upcoming innovations coming our way, let’s dive into the top 5 technologies to look forward to in 2020.

1. IoT Technology.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an interconnected network which helps in connecting various devices over the internet. These “devices’ can be anything from home appliances to Fish farming, to cars to healthcare device and everything in between.

These devices shall be embedded with a kind of sensor, software, or technology to connect and exchange data.

How is IoT Technology changing the World?

Transportation and IoTAccording to IDC Forecast, the worldwide IoT spending on transportation will surpass the mark of $1 trillion in 2022. IoT in transportation will reflect a distinctive world of autonomous vehicles and a cloud-based monitoring system.

Manufacturing and IoT – It is estimated that the IoT solutions will witness an investment of around $70 billion in 2020. The IoT technology is all set (and is already pertaining) to strengthen its roots in the manufacturing industry by introducing Enterprise Resource Program (ERP) and facilitating cross channel visibility and tracking.

2.  Voice Search.

Ok, Google what’s the weather.

Another technology on the rise for 2020 — and beyond — is Voice Search. It wouldn’t be wrong to determine that voice technology has matured into a household use today. The Voice Search technology should be credited for capturing the market so early in the business.

What is Voice Search?

Voice search assistant is a speech-to-text internet-based technology which enables a user to search anything on the web without typing the query verbally. The root of voice search assistant goes way back in the year 1952 when Bell Laboratories introduced the world’s first speech recognition device —Audry — to the World.

Which brings us to the year 2020-21, where the Voice search technology has resulted in being a part of 20% of the total Google searches — paving the way for the screenless era.

And, by trusting Gartner’s prediction on Voice Search technology, we can expect a 30% increase in the revenue by Voice search technology by 2021.

As many SEOs and Entrepreneurs have also changed their course of work due to the latest advent of Voice Technology in the Search Result process. Voice has changed the way we access the intent of our customers. It’s no more the keywords we used to focus on, voice technology has actually taken us to the core of customers’ intent and his exact needs.

There has been a tremendous bridge built between the actual needs of the users and what the websites they see on the first page. Voice Technology has taken us leaps ahead from the SEO practices we used to do even a year ago.”

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP).

It is essential to include NLP in the top technology trends of 2020 as we can’t just get hold of the things natural language processing is bringing into the World. But, before catching up to those, let us first gather insight into NLP and understand why it is vital to the technological upgrading in the forthcoming years.

So, How is NLP Technology changing the World?

NLP is all about extracting a relevant insight from a text. And, 2019 has seen the rise of many such companies using NLP technology as the very core of their business model.

Chatbots – Bots are intelligent assistants who help in virtually serving a customer without any support of a human. Chatbots have seen a visible uprise in the year 2019 as every other business has integrated a Chatbot to help retain and attain clients.

Monitoring – Monitoring and influencing the user intent are gaining traction day by day—including big organisations and financial investors in the process. With the help of NLP Technology, they can now understand and analyse customers’ sentiments and inclination to strategically influence their decision-making process.

4. Artificial Intelligence.

AI, today, is anything that makes a computer access any information in the most humane way possible. The field has become so vast and vague at the same time, that now it’s difficult to discern which technology is AI-infused and which is not.

In the list of top 5 technologies for 2020, AI pretty much involves most of the latest technologies in it. From NLP to NLG, Machine Learning, Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, etc., AI Technology in itself is seeding numerous other trending technologies.

An AI-infused world for 2020

How to confer that the industry around us has fully immersed into becoming an AI-infused world. If any of the next three points coincide with your surroundings, then you can confirm its immersion.

Automation and AI – Economies are changing continuously, and workplaces all around the World are the first in line to face the heat. So much so, that McKinsey attested that 15% of workplace activities could be automated by 2030

AI in Manufacturing – AI technology has already created its market in the manufacturing industry by introducing AI-driven machines. Self-driven cars are already being tested and on the road. Hence, we can expect some significant changes in the technologies and the market share AI technology infers.

5.  5G Technology.

5G network is relatively the newest of all the top trends for 2020, considering the fact that it will start to roll out in 2020 only. The Global mobile traffic is increasing every day, and it will be incredibly impossible to provide a high-speed network to all at once.

Moreover, the 5G network is here to stay. The basic feature of 5G is to digitalise the industries. It will introduce faster and more secure network connectivity with significantly reduced network latency.

Key elements to know about the upcoming 5G technology in 2020

Next Level of Network Connectivity – The main attribute to focus here is the high-speed network connectivity 5G is bringing. 2020 will witness 5G compatible phones with increased capacity and performance. At present, the 5G speed test in Chicago is reportedly 1.4Gbps which will see greater results in the years to come.

“The 5G Reality” Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are expected to become a mainstream commodity with the influence of 5G. The technology will enable multiple use cases along with an immersive experience.

5G Spectrum Coverage – 5G technology will cater to the mobile operators with licensed spectrum but also include its reach to the unlicensed spectrum. This will seemingly enhance the user experience along with higher speed and enhanced enterprise services.

Therefore – voluntarily or not – we all have become or are becoming a part of the next revolution. And while looking over at the top technologies for 2020 and beyond, it will be pretty interesting to see how these technologies will entail more new technologies and trends in the future.


ramish zaidi

Ramish Zaidi manages strategy and creative oversight of the technology companies he has co-founded. As Managing Director of Vortex Infosolutions Ramish’s focus is on continuously improving the company’s offerings through technological innovation. He invests a large amount of his time in public speaking and mentoring startups at VMentorLabs. As one of the founding members of NASSCOM Lucknow chapter, Ramish also devotes his time to nurture the tech community and build a startup ecosystem in Lucknow.