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5 Biggest Dilemmas The Internet Faces In The Modern World


We are all a part of the internet revolution, be it actively or passively. The internet has become the bread and butter of modern civilization, and that too with good reason, since we simply cannot imagine our routines without it. It doesn’t just affect a single, rather every sphere of our lives is depending on it, in one way or another. Be it information or entertainment, our dependency is growing gradually and as a result the internet is evolving accordingly.

The increasing reliance has also highlighted certain problems with the internet that need to be taken into account and resolved for the sake of humankind. Sounds a bit farfetched, right? Well, it would not, once you read our highlighted list of problems in detail. With that being said, let us begin.

The bandwidth requirements are increasing.

When it comes to bandwidth, more is always better. Yes, we do need facilitating equipment to support that bandwidth but once we have that covered, we still want blazing fast speeds. Streaming high definition movies, playing graphic extensive games, it all requires formidable bandwidth which has its pros and cons as well. On the brighter side, consumers are often willing to upgrade for the sake of improved experiences and that opens more opportunities for ISP’s. However, the downside is that companies need to quickly come up with new solutions to satiate that hunger. The annual surge in bandwidth demands is exponential, since the traffic over the internet is also growing. New infrastructures need to be developed to meet this demand.

The rewards of cybercrime are becoming more attractive.

The internet is a blessing, yes, but the cybercrimes plaguing it can be quite a nuisance. As our lives become more and more dependent on the internet, it opens up rewarding opportunities for hackers. Take our financial data for instance, we use our credit/debit cards for online purchases frequently. In addition, there are numerous e-wallet services that we use to shop online. All this convenience has made us vulnerable to threats and if that information is stolen, it can damage us significantly. Identity theft, cyberbullying, remote access, and many other threats are becoming more eminent by day. It is important that we educate the younger generation regarding safe internet usage. Not just them though, adults need to be vigilant to the type of content their devices are exposed to and how to keep them safe.

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Censorship has become a major concern.

The Internet has given us the opportunity of increased visibility for our identities but that comes at a cost. Censorship authorities actively filter the type of content displayed over various online platforms. This makes it very confusing to differentiate between filtered and unfiltered content. Although moderation is important, it might create superficial opinions as thoughts, stances and cultural values that can be censored in accordance an individual’s preferences (a webmaster, for instance). This dilemma can be dealt with by creating specific portals where opinions and ideas can be shared openly. Contributors should also consider searching for the right platforms to share relevant content.

Reliance on giant corporations is swelling.

Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T are a few names that provide us internet services. Only a handful of telecom companies are capable of providing the internet speeds that we need and we, therefore, are highly dependent on their decision-making. As a result, they often alter their prices and packages and consumers have to passively abide by their rules. Monopolies can easily be formed and these monopolies and the control they offer often result in the exploitation of the masses. This dilemma can be quelled if the authorities that control them were to gain more strength. The government itself can play a major role here and support emerging players to create market competition that in turn gives the general public more power.

General availability is still an issue.

Everybody can benefit from the internet in today’s world. So naturally, everybody should have access to it. However, that still isn’t the case. There are certain areas in US where internet availability is still low, however, globally there is still a massive area to cover.

Geo-restrictions are another thing that limits internet availability. Also known as geoblocks, geo-restrictions are a way of restricting access to content based on the geographic location of the user. For example, geoblocks are used to limit access to movies and other content in one country while making them available in another. Many get around the issue by using web unblockers, but those who don’t have access to the best VPNs and website unblockers are still left in the dark.

When one part of the world has the internet facility and the other part doesn’t, it is bound to create disparities and the ideal of world becoming a global village gets damaged. Internet governing bodies around the world need to address this issue. We often see masterminds emerging from 3rd world countries in today’s world and who knows how many gems are still out there who don’t get to shine solely because of limited opportunities. The more people we have over the internet from different parts of the world, the more cultural enrichment there will be and that is bound to help us grow further.

These are many issues revolving around the internet that needs some attention from the modern world. Be it the authorities or the general public, everyone needs to participate actively in order counter these problems. Once these issues are resolved, we will surely step into a world of better internet, thus a better future!