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Is Your Website Good Enough?


In the modern world we live in, every business needs a website. Whilst word of mouth reviews are still useful in business, people need to be able to look up a company and find all of the information they need online quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re a life coach, lawyer or you’ve created a start-up, your website should be vibrant, informative and easy to use.

So, is your website good enough?

It’s informative.

The main purpose of a website is conveying information and attracting clients or customers. This law website is a good example that does just that. All good websites for businesses should involve details on the service you provide, where you’re based and how to get in contact. It’s no good having a beautiful website which is vague about what it’s selling or the service that it provides, with no way to get in touch. The name of the business should also be in a clear font at the head of every page so a potential customer remembers it.

It’s attractive.

Whilst many businesses might not put attractiveness at the top of their list, a nice-looking website always helps to engage clients. It’s therefore important to pick a nice font, a good colour scheme and use pictures to make the website engaging and easy to look at. Your website should also look professional, and fit with the tone of the business. For example, if you’re a life coach, using a black and white colour scheme may send out the wrong message. Instead, you may wish to include pictures of clients looking happy, alongside health pictures and a colour scheme that indicates positivity and calmness. Don’t confuse your customers with a mixed message, and make sure your theme is on-brand.

It’s easy to navigate.

Websites also need to be easy to navigate. A good website uses clear categories and a menu that potential customers or clients can click on to find the information they need. They also need to be able to navigate back to the home page easily. If you’re tech savvy, you might be tempted to create a detailed and complicated website with lots of information, but this can be overwhelming and confuse a customer. When you’re making your website, try to view it as a customer and see how easy it is to navigate. If you feel biased, ask some friends to test it out and ask them how easy it is to access information.

It matches competitors.

You’ve made a website because you want to attract clients or customers and prove that your product or service is the best around. Therefore, you need to research your competitors and check that your website is as good, or better, than theirs. If your website doesn’t look as professional, isn’t as easy to navigate or lacks important information, chances are your customers will go elsewhere. Luckily, there are tools that you can use to analyse competitive websites, which can assess their estimated monthly visitors, the amount of time visitors spend on the site and other websites their visitors view.

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