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Google SEO Tips: Steps To Optimize Your Website For Google Placement


Whether you already established a website or it’s still in progress, your online business won’t be able to achieve its profits without the help of SEO. Search Engine Optimization, or most commonly known as SEO, is a new approach to marketing. It is a practice of optimizing your website to get the highest rank on every search engine result page.

The reason why many businesses are getting excited to claim the number one spot is that many consumers tend to click the item that appears first on the result page. That’s why every business and brand are putting their effort to get that fruitful spot.

Google, as one of the most popular search engines in today’s era, uses a different approach when it comes to its algorithm. So, if you’re serious about getting the highest Google replacement, you may consider hiring a digital marketing agency or an SEO team like Rise Marketing SEO Company Hong Kong to achieve that goal.

The Reason Why SEO is Crucial in Every Online Business.

If your website already implemented a concrete and solid SEO execution, it can gain more attention from Google’s algorithm. Meaning, it will have a chance to appear higher on the search engine rankings.

This is crucial in every online business because if consumers see your business at the top spot, more likely, you’ll get a click and traffic from them. You can manipulate and control the link you wanted them to visit; it could be landing page like your site homepage, or a product page where they can browse for a particular item.

That kind of traffic from the consumers who were actively searching for a piece of information, making it more likely from them to take action. Be it, whether you want them to sign-up for a newsletter, or to purchase a product from your page.

Traffics like this are powerful compared to paid advertising like PPC (pay-per-click) or sponsored ads. According to a report, there are at least 70 percent of your site traffic came from SEO efforts – often referred to as organic traffics.

Think this carefully, would you rather trust a business that forcing a search engine to appear on their first page, rather than a company that Google recommends as the number one? Probably no, you’ll think this act as shady.

So, how can you get Google’s attention?

Here’s how.

Google SEO Basic Steps.

Follow the guide below and implement them on your website.

  • Create an Informative Content: The basic thing to do is to create a blog post that lures readers to stay on your page. Usually, you can create content or article about tips and how-to’s guide for your customers that could be relevant to your product
  • Make Use of Title and Meta Description: Title is the very first thing a user can see on the search engine, so creating a catchy title will attract customers to click your website. The meta description, on the other hand, is a short introduction about that page. So make it informative, direct to the point, and straightforward
  • Don’t Forget the Keywords: Keywords should flow naturally on your content; it should not sound like a forceful word that was stuffed to execute SEO. The keyword should be located at the top of the page within the content and should be sprinkled all over the page
  • Add Photos: No one wants to read a dull and boring content, so adding a few photos on your content will create a different flavor in the eye of the readers or page visitors.

These are only basics, but it can help to improve your current rankings. So, ignoring these necessary steps can negatively affect your current Google placement.