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How To Sell Products On Instagram In 2019


Today more than 150 millions of Instagram users are able to leverage Instagram shoppable posts. If you have  a business Instagram account and still do not use shoppable posts then it is time to start selling your products on Instagram. This will be a great additional sales channel for your business.

If you are not aware how to use shoppable Instagram posts then we will gladly help you.

Get a Business Account on Instagram.

Only verified business accounts can use shoppable posts. Thus, you need to fulfill the Facebook merchant agreement and commerce policy. Once these compliances are met you will be able to have access to shoppable posts and start your business on Instagram.

Set up your product list on Facebook.

Add your products to the Facebook product catalog and wait for the moderation. As your product list is approved you will get a notification from the Instagram application. Then, as all things are set up you will be able to tag your products in the stories and posts.

Make sure you have turned on shopping features.

The last step is to simply make sure you have turned on the shopping feature in your instagram accounts. Now you are ready to sell your products on Instagram.

Adding More Products to Instagram Shop.

Of course you want to show all your products in the instagram posts. Thus, you need to upload the image of your product first. You can add 5 product items per image or up to 20 product items for a carousel. 

Write Text Captions for your Products.

As the images and tags are set up you need to add text captions to your shoppable posts. Just manage this as an advertising text that must convert impressions to sales. There are no requirements for your captions under the shoppable post. However it is recommended to keep the main part of your content below the cut so that people can read your text from the feed easily.

Share your Post and Get Leads.

Share your shoppable post and reach the target audience. Make sure you see a shopping tag in the corner of your post that confirms you did everything correctly. Enjoy your sales!

Instagram Shoppable Stories.

Instagram has released Shoppable Stories since 2018 and now you have additional channel for your Sales and greater audience reach. The main idea behind shoppable stories is that you can add a tappable sticker to your story that will lead people to your product page. It is also allowed to add a customized text in order to keep your offer better designed. 

How to Set Up a Shoppable Story.

It is easy and intuitive flow that you can manage in few minutes:

  1. Add a new Instagram story whether it is a picture of a video
  2. Find and tap the sticker icon in the left corner of your instagram story interface.
  3. Choose your product and add it to the story. You can add only one product per story.

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