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Five Ways To Make Your Business Stand Out To Prospective Employees


It isn’t uncommon for businesses to make the mistake of thinking they hold all the cards. Potential employees need a job, and many are willing to bend over backwards to make sure they are hired, but the type of employees you want aren’t the ones who are desperate to take any job offer that comes their way.

Savvy employees know that they’re the ones who hold all the cards. They have in-demand skills that businesses need. While they’re brushing up their resumes, you should be thinking of ways to make your business stand apart from others to encourage them to accept your offer.

Know What Recent Graduates Are Looking For.

Nearly every business can use help from new graduates, but new graduates are more informed and educated than ever before. They understand that they’re interviewing businesses at the same time they are interviewing them for a position.

It is very helpful to know what these young adults are looking for in their first job after graduating from college.

Company values are important, which means they want their personal values to match up with the values of the company. If you make time for employees to volunteer or regularly donate to good causes, you should mention it during the interview.

They are also looking for opportunities to grow within the company. They understand that starting salaries for newbies are low, but they also want to be reassured that their hard work will pay off.

Purposeful Work.

It’s true that many people wouldn’t work for someone else if they didn’t have to, but that doesn’t mean everyone is just in it for the paycheck. If employees have to come to work anyway, they want to feel like they’re making a difference.

Millennials especially understand the concept of purposeful work. They understand that purposeful work makes for a happier, more fulfilled life, and they’re willing to say no to employers who don’t offer this kind of work.

Make sure employees applying to positions at your company know exactly how you support feelings of purpose in the office. Whether it’s allowing employees to choose their own projects or meetings to uncover strengths, potential employees will be happy to hear that you care about how they feel about doing the work.

Continuous Learning Opportunities.

It’s human nature to grow and learn. Getting stuck in a job where you do the same thing every single day for years on end is no longer enough for employees in the 21st century.

Today’s employees understand the importance of continuous learning. They know it’s the best way to open new doors, improve their skills, and move up in the field of their choice.

Let prospective employees know that you support their continued education. That might mean scheduling regular training sessions within the company or reimbursing employees for going back to college. Not only will you get new skills out of your employees, they’ll appreciate the fact that you support their growth.

Flexibility and Understanding.

Flexibility is becoming increasingly important in today’s workplace. It can be downright stressful to try and schedule life activities around such a stringent work schedule.

There are many ways you can offer flexibility to your employees. Options include:

  • Allow them to work from home at least some of the time.
  • Have a flexible start and end times every day.
  • Consider offering unlimited vacation time.
  • Compress the workweek and give everyone Friday off.

Employees are also looking for understanding employers. Workers with families, for example, will appreciate a boss who understands that they may have to work from home one day because one of the kids is sick.

Salaries and Benefits.

Although the other things on this list are important to prospective employees, salaries and benefits continue to be the most important considerations for most workers. After all, if the position doesn’t pay enough to cover their bills, it doesn’t matter how flexible you are.

Look closely at your budget and offer the highest salary possible for each position. You can’t forget about the benefits either. Employees are looking for flexibility, but they’re also looking for more traditional benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, and many are even looking for companies that offer student loan assistance.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking every potential employee is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job. Remember that you’re being interviewed too! Provide prospective employees with the benefits on this list and you can increase your chances of finding the perfect person for your open position.