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Small Marketing Tricks To Promote Your Business Locally


It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if no one has heard about it. That’s why it is so important to find ways to reach potential buyers. Nowadays, there is an abundance of channels with which to promote your services. The bigger the funds, the easier it is to implement a successful marketing strategy, but it doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank.

Even with little money and a bit of effort, you can market your services effectively.

Give out freebies.

Although giving out free stuff at trade fairs may seem a little counterintuitive if you want to increase profits, it works. It attracts people who otherwise wouldn’t be so keen to visit your stand to interact with you, if only for a moment. It doesn’t mean that from this point they’ll become loyal customers – there’s still much to be done. Still, it does provide you with an opportunity to present your product. The eventual decision belongs to the customer, but if you are offering a top-notch product, this should be enough.

Online contests.

With online contests, you don’t need to spend money on cars or yachts. A yacht would be nice, but you don’t need to go this far with the prizes. A backpack, a t-shirt or a pen drive is absolutely enough. You can be extra cheeky and order the products, especially clothes with the logo of your company. The winner will then become a real-life ad.

Business Cards.

Have you watched that scene from American Psycho? Although you shouldn’t place that much importance on the quality of your business cards, they are an easy way of introducing your company to people you meet every day. If you are not too brazen about it, it’s not going to look weird.

Social Media.

Using social media to promote your company is one of the cheapest ways to considerably increase your customer base. Of course, you can buy ads, but even without any premium content, you can boost your revenue by posting exciting content from time to time. It doesn’t have to be anything groundbreaking, although the more interesting the content, the more customers will flock to your website. One simple idea to make your page more interesting is to post “how-to” articles or, if you have time and resources, videos. With a tiny bit of effort, you can use your accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Reddit to attract a considerable amount of clients.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing may seem like a relic from a time long gone, namely 2000s, but its effort-to-effects ratio is still worth it. If you don’t have too much time to spend on marketing, try defining the characteristics of your ideal customer first. Once you know who is most likely to buy your product, you can adjust the content of your email to address their needs. Offering a significant discount or a free trial is a great way to entice people who later on may be eager to buy your services.

Coffee Sleeves.

Coffee sleeves can be a great option to market your company if you want to target locals. As compared to billboards or internet ads, coffee sleeves are a more creative and less in-your-face way of marketing your services. People will notice your company’s logo while holding a warm coffee cup, instantly creating positive associations. If you would rather not support deforestation, you can check out HotShot Coffee Sleeves which are eco-friendly and made from recycled paper.

Support a charity.

No matter the context, supporting a charity is always a good idea. If your goal is to promote your company, donating to charity will affect the way customers view your company. This, in turn, will lead to their preference when it comes to choosing which company’s products to buy. You can make a one-time donation, organize a charity run or offer your products for free. Company’s support of charities has especially pronounced effects in affluent countries where customers care less about the actual price and more about the bigger picture.

Time for implementation!

Marketing is a lifeline of any business. Even if the product is stunning and without any flaws, if people don’t know about it, then it is all for naught. The multitude of different ways with which you can market your services can, at times seem intimidating, but despair not. The ones that appeared in this article require the least money but are still effective. Once your business grows in size, you can choose more appropriate marketing strategies.


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