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Does The Workspace Matter?


Is your workspace able to help your startup business reach new heights or to make it sink deep? The answer is an emphatic YES! The environment you and your team are working in has a powerful impact on your company’s results and incomes.

Working remotely from a park on every sunny day or designing a peaceful garden with a calming kasco fountain in front of your company sounds dreamy. Although, are these solutions necessary to achieve a mental-health-friendly, mood-boosting working surrounding?

After years of entrepreneurship and observing developing startup businesses, we came up with the following tips and thoughts on the correlation between your workspace and the quality of your work.

The role of office equipment.

The essential office equipment and its strictly necessary features are:

Desk and chair.

A height-adjustable, spacious desk and ultra-comfortable chair are the first steps to success. You won’t fulfil your projects with constant back pain and neck strain. Getting spine degeneration from the office work isn’t necessarily your dream, is it?

Instead of spending money on rehabilitation, do yourself a favour and invest in a solid, fully adjustable office chair.

Computer gear.

Regardless of whether you decide to work on PC only or switch to laptop from time to time — you’re going to need an additional monitor.  Save your time and nerves on hacking your way through the endless amount of open tabs and windows.

Getting a monitor, either choose one with an adjustable height option or look for a monitor stand. You can also find special stands for laptops and profiled computer mouses — they will help you protect your arm and hand joints and nerves.


Lighting has a significant influence on how we feel both physically and mentally. Poorly-chosen kind of light and lightbulbs can cause headaches, eyestrain, sight defect. It can also make you feel sleepy, annoyed, nervous, and increase the stress levels.

Choose the space to work where you can get as much sunlight as possible. Natural light boosts your motivation and energy. Unfortunately, we can’t enjoy the sunlight 24 hours a day. For artificial light, try to find daylight bulbs. They give a nice, neutral in colour light, which supports your general welfare and improves the quality of your work in the evenings.

The workspace itself.

If you’re a one-man startup enterprise, you can adjust the working conditions all to yourself. Do your mind and body function best in the early mornings in bed, or you rather do the most important tasks at a cafe in the evenings? Observe yourself carefully, measure your results and try out different environments and methods of time management.

You should determine where you want your office to be. You can find a great location for your business in a lot of cities. Consider whether the area has a good reputation, who will be your neighbors, and whether your clients will feel comfortable meeting you in that area. For example, you can have your private office space in Denver which is one of the best places in the US to pursue every idea, according to a new nationwide study. In the latest WalletHub poll of the best large cities to start a business, Denver ranked 10th.

Look at Steve Job’s achievements. He started the work of his life in his very own garage. If your favourite workplace is your shady basement, don’t let others talk you out of the idea of having your office there. Do whatever helps you pursue your goals and keeps your workflow best. Draw inspiration from the beginnings of the biggest corporations!

If your company has more co-funders, or you’re already hiring, engage every single person in choosing and designing your common workspace. Leave aside the current trends and stiff old-school rules. Here you have an excellent opportunity of creating a unique work environment with an individual approach that would just fit your team’s needs. Let the brainstorm begin!

The well-being of each team member.

Other than deciding on where you’re going to work and what your workplace is going to look like, there’s one more, the most significant aspect of your company — communication.

It sounds obvious. Communication? Sure we communicate — we talk to each other every day! Small talk and exchanging views is not this kind of communication that will save your team from falling apart.

Communicate wisely and openly. Talk and hear each other out without judging. Take your time for cooling down, if someone’s words put you right over the edge. Instead of keeping the grudge, try to look at a given situation from a different perspective. Always stay open-minded and consider the best interest of your team.

  • Create systematical anonymous surveys.
  • Announce one day of the week a brainstorming day.
  • Make sure to get to know what your colleagues’ life situation is.
  • Organise workshops for managing time and stress, exchange your experiences and ideas.
  • Go grab a beer after work with the whole team — it’s important to know each other privately, as well!

Not even the most adapted to you and your coworkers office won’t replace mutual respect and hearing each other out. Your business is created and developed by talented and highly engaged human beings. Keeping up the constant feedback and motivation among your team is like the best quality fuel! Appreciate and support each other and you won’t have to worry about your company’s future.


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