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What Your Business Card Should Say About You


Business cards have over the years become an integral part of every successful business. They act kind of like the business world’s modern day telegraph service.

They send word about your business, and they leave word about your business and its product or service.

These cards are often your business representative when you or someone from your business is not even present.


Business cards play this vitally important marketing role for every business that uses them. They are both a reminder to current customers and the best spokesperson for potential, future customers.

Think of your business cards as your company representative in your absence. For this reason, your business card must present a strong, positive business message. It must in a glimpse catch and hold the reader’s attention.

Business cards should also contain the critical message of your business model. It must succinctly and decisively convey your business proposition and the unique value doing business with your company offers.


Graphics play a centrally important role. They pretty much dictate the overall, immediate impression of your business to the reader and your current and possible new customers.


Even the font style matters. Font is the size and shape of the letters you select to print your message. These letter sizes and shapes give your card message its perspective.

Different fonts create different impressions in the mind of the reader. For instance, a company specializing in inflatables for children’s parties uses a different font style from say an attorney.


The role colors play with creating a mental impression is well-established and settled science. Colors evoke emotion that results in either a favorable or unfavorable response. Use colors that deliver the appropriate message you wish to convey about your business.

The Most Important Graphic.

The most effective business cards all feature the single most important graphic. This graphic serves as a sort of shorthand for identifying your business.

It is of course your company logo. This is your most terse and effective summary statement of who your business is, and what it is about. Your logo is your company’s quasi-mascot.

Mascots do not need to be silly or cartoonish to be effective; but to be maximally effective, they should always be paired with your company’s name. The two must be inseparably linked.


Putting all the aforementioned message elements together in a persuasive and results-oriented way is the hat trick when it comes to business design.

It is one thing to identify the essential components of an effective message, but it is quite another to put those essential parts together in a way that forms that all-important first impression.

Perhaps the greatest help toward this stage of business card production is an online business card designer.

An online business card designer like this can help you make quicker progress toward the general layout of your most important absentee spokesperson. The choices for how your card can look are so numerous it can be downright confusing.

With business cards, every detail matters, and these details must be right before printing and distributing massive quantities. What is more business-profile damaging than a wrongly designed or error-laden business card?

Different Types of Business Cards.

With design issues addressed and central concerns allayed, the next vital part is the type of business card to use. This is yet another important detail of your business image to the public.

Business card types are classified according to the type of printing used, and formatting. Another type classification the actual card itself. Folding cards and gadget cards like the jagged tear look are all possibilities.

Likewise, the volume of choice here can be equally daunting, and an online business card designer can speed things along. Whether you select an unusual type of print, card shape or color, these details create the image and message you wish your card to deliver.


Your business card should give the customers a basic understanding of who you are and what kind of business you are in. While a business card design is not a dealbreaker, it can be a great first impression to a new customer or client.