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Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting Logo Designing


Your logo is going to be the representative of your brand. Since professionals are very much aware of the importance of logo; so why not make yours spectacular? The designing process of a logo seems like a piece of cake to several people. However, they get a taste of the truth when their brand representative encounters an epic failure in the market. A logo is indeed the most crucial part because this is precisely how you’d be recognized. Moreover, a lot of stake owners like to print their brand mark on their products.

Furthermore, if it’s not appealing enough, then people are going to reject it along with the product. Even children can recognize a number of brands just by the sight of their logo. So you can imagine how big of a game-changer it is, in the actual industry.

So, if you are planning to design a logo, then here are some crucial things you need to know. You’ll also get to know about a lot of things that need to be avoided.

Your logo should speak for your brand.

Putting a few lines and letters in a small box and altering their orientation will not result in a good logo. Try and connect it to the products you cater to or if there’s any unique story behind your brand. Several popular brand logos are not mere designs; instead, they have a meaning attached to it. You might need to put in a lot of effort to attach significance and meaning to a logo and still comply with the client’s needs. A lot of people do not like fancy designs and want their logo to be more on the simple and sophisticated side. Many brands like to include their enterprise’s name as well.

It is helpful to take a little inspiration from other brands, but copying them will not help when it comes to public validation. Moreover, tr and interpret what the brand’s principle or working memorandum stands upon. Do they intend to evoke emotion or the whole idea is utility-driven?

Choose wisely from the color wheel.

This is one of the most ‘for granted’ taken aspects of logo designing. Colors are majorly involved when it comes to setting the mood of the logo. Sometimes, you can try to use the entire palette or can even go with monotone designs. The creator should be well versed with the color scheme. Furthermore, a logo with colors that complement each other is likely to be more appreciated by people. As the common rule says to go with the neighbors on the color wheels. This rule signifies that the set of color that belong to either the cool or hot palette create a more ravishing combination.

Additionally, trying out the different shades of the same color can also be a smart move. A number of telecommunication and other brands have been able to connect their logo and entire theme to a particular color. Moreover, their scheme has worked well and increased the popularity of quotient to manifolds.

Be specific about the balance of the elements.

If you think that randomly pouring in the multi-styled letter with a lot of different colors will help you satisfy the client’s needs and market competition, then you need to rethink. Before you decide for the final design, make some rough drafts that focus on maintaining balance on various symmetry access, textural design, and the color as well. Human minds are naturally more attracted to well-balanced structures. So, keep the graphical weight of your logo well balanced, which can be achieved by proper placement of the heavier and lighter objects. Weight is also designated to the purpose because of their color or textural design they are allocated. Moreover, the shapes affect the weight too. On the contrary, a lot of people defend the imbalanced design by the name of art.

However, if you are making a design that will be judged by the masses, then it is good to go with the safer side and follow the balancing rule. You can take the help of the online logo maker and logo creators.

Focus on the acceptability of the logo.

The main motive of getting a logo for any brand is to achieve desired public recognition. So, complicated logos might seem fancy for a short period, but people won’t remember them for long. Instead, instituting some more straightforward and uncomplicated shapes and latter can do wonders as it did for Nike, Apple, and the list goes long. The concern should be to make something unique and not just a convoluted design. If you observe the trend followed by famous brands, then you’ll get to know that most of them stick to simplicity yet unforgettable and unique designs. The principle of uncomplicated design helps to deal with the expectations put forth with the advancement of time. It is indeed a daunting task but creating a logo that can be counted as timeless is definitely going to bring in a lot of fame.

Another feature that even the most prominent designers sometimes fail to remember is the versatility of the logo. The design should be apt for multiple platforms. The enlarged or shrunken size shouldn’t harness the beauty of the logo.

Negative space of the logo.

A lot of discussion goes around the characters that occupy space in logo design. However, hardly anyone takes an interest in the negative space or the unused white space. In a logo, the characters might be well balanced and have all other qualities. However, if you leave the negative space ideally and not make proper use of it, then you are not doing justice with your design. The ancient technique of putting up two slightly different shades of the same color in the space is still amongst the favorites of creative logo designers.

This not only makes the design chic yet subtle but also uplifts the attention quotient of the intended part. Sometimes the actual work has been done on the design of the negative space, and the elements are just put to compliment.