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Habits You Should Have To Be More Productive


Productivity in the office is an important thing. It is something we need to maintain and ensure stays rife as we work every day. Working in an office environment can sometimes be stressful and often a task, and this is why we always want to dop what we can to make our days as productive as possible. 

Today we want to delve into the idea of workplace productivity and take a look at some of the best ways that you can live your life and act in order to be as productive with your work and business as you can. 


There is a common misconception when it comes to working on your own business that you should try and do everything yourself.

This is however a myth and it is not the best course of action to get things done and done right. It is important as a business owner and worker to know your limits and work to them. If you know someone else will perform a job better than you then you should always let them! outsourcing is key and should always be utilised where possible.

Focus on most important tasks first.

When working in your office it is always important for you to focus on the most important tasks first and deal with the rest later. This is something which is incredibly important and you should always manage your working day around the most crucial tasks first and the rest later. Look at high reward tasks and do these before anything else and this can be a great way to feel more productive in the office. 

Delve into a subject.

When working effectively in your office it is always best for you to dive right into a subject and use this to leverage your future work. When faced with a new topic the best course of action is always to dive in headfirst and take the time and effort to learn more about a chosen subject before you complete the work. Doing this is a great way for you to really connect with the work you are doing and you will always do a better job if you take the time to learn the subject from top to bottom. 

Break tasks into smaller pieces.

When faced with a large task which looks to take all day for us to complete, we are much less likely to want to do this task and we can often find ourselves getting stressed out by the prospect of this. However, the best way for you to deal with a big job like this in a productive way is to break it down into a few smaller tasks which are easier to manage. This is a practice that can make huge impact on your working day and it is a habit many productive people do each and every day to ensure that they get work done efficiently. 

Take breaks.

Taking a break is much more important than you may think and it is incredibly important for you to do this once in a while in order to stay focused and fresh headed. We all know how tempting it can be to simply sit down and complete as many tasks as we can in a short space of time without a breather, but even if you think you are on a roll this isn’t always going to be the case. Taking a break now and again allows your brain to refresh and this will often help hugely when getting that second wind to take you through the next few hours of the day in peace. 

Avoid meetings.

We’ve all been in those meetings where we have sat there daydreaming knowing that it could have been an email. It is important for you as a worker to think about your own productivity in the office and this might mean saying no to meetings which will only waste your time. There always seems to be an etiquette around meetings where people can’t say no but this is not at all the case. You are well within your rights to say no to a meeting if you believe it will waste your time and if you are already busy working on other things. 

Find repeatable shortcuts.

The best way to learn how to be productive in the office is to find shortcuts for your work which you can repeat time and time again. This is something that will allow you to work more efficiently and will also allow you to work around issues without stress. Finding shortcuts can make your life so much easier and will allow you to work smarter and not harder. 

Plan for the bad.

It is always important when working in an office or any other environment that you know how to plan for the bad and you know what to do when things don’t go your way. For example, what would you do if you came into the office on a Monday morning and the company servers were down? Ideally, you would already have backups and work which don’t involve logging onto the network that you can get on with even if you have to work at home while things were going on. As long as you always have a plan of attack in cases such as this it will make your life much easier and will allow you to work productively. 

Work before you get motivated or inspired.

This one is a little different from the others on the list and it is something you may not have thought about before. Do you ever sit at your desk and suddenly have a moment of inspiration and clarity? We all do it and this can send our brain in a spiral of thoughts and ideas and this will often force us off-topic and will distract us from our work. This is why it is important for you to always think about working as hard as you can before an idea like this comes to mind because once an idea has planted itself you will be hard pushed to move it. 

Don’t multitask.

There is a common misconception that in order for us to work productively we need to be able to multitask and focus on many things at the same time but this is not the case at all. In fact, it is always better to try and focus on one task at a time and give it your full attention because otherwise you can easily become distracted and this will sometimes cause issues for you with regards to the quality of your work. Always focus your energy on one thing at a time and this way you will always be sure that the work you are doing is the best that you can possibly do for yourself and your business. 


Always leave yourself chance to recharge after a difficult day. It is more important than you may think to sit down and relax after a stressful day because if you don’t, you will always be in a state of stress and this can have a big effect on Yoruba one and how well you perform at your job. Take the time to get home, switch off completely and enjoy your time alone with your family without worrying about work. Once you have let yourself completely recharge and come back to reality you will feel so much better and it will make a huge impact on the work you do.