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Tools For Time Management, Data Storage & Team Communication


How to be a leader? How to lead and inspire with your ideas, properly manage projects, and teamwork? What is needed for your project to meet all the financial goals? If you are running a startup and lack the knowledge/ experience in the teamwork organization, then this article is a must-read for you.

We will provide you with the selection of tools that will allow you to build efficient teamwork, keep track of time, evaluate the effectiveness of your team, and motivate colleagues.

Principles of Running of a Successful Project.

It is never easy to launch a successful start-up. Proper planning, a straightforward company development strategy, and the dedication of the entire team are the prerequisites for your success. There are many examples of small start-ups becoming large international corporations with a multi-million customer base and impressive budgets. And HookupGeek is one of these. Just check this WellHello review to understand how much it cost to the company and what tools they used to overcome their competitors and become leaders of the market.

Toggl – Time Tracking Application.

How do you manage your time? Do you know what you spend your time on during the day? Does it happen that in the evening, you do not have time to complete a couple of important tasks just because you are too often distracted by social networks? Greenhouse suggests putting aside a book on productivity and downloading Toggl online time tracking app. The solution will help keep track of your time and develop discipline.

Working with the app is simple: to start the timer, you just need to click the “start” button, specify the title, and briefly describe your task. It is also relevant to write the name of the project this task relates to. Once done, click “stop.”

Asana – Online Task Manager for Teamwork.

The Asana app is one of the most convenient online tools for planning and managing tasks and organizing collaboration between employees of charitable foundations, public and human rights organizations.

Hibox – Chat & Messenger for Teamwork.

The Hibox messenger is designed for online communication with colleagues. The web application allows you to create group chats where you can discuss tasks, share files, make video calls, and set monthly tasks for both the entire team and an individual employee.

Dropbox – Note-Taking Service.

It is just a perfect-match service for creating notes, lists of tasks, projects discussions by the whole team. The solution is extremely easy to use. To get started, you just need to enter the email address on the service website and then the password and your name. You can enter the program through the Gmail mail – and it will run automatically. Once you are done, the service will offer you to choose a document template: brainstorming, project overview, meeting summary, etc. But you can create your own new document if you need it. The program has an intuitive interface with a nice design and extended functionality. It’s very convenient to organize notes in Dropbox: there are folders, Favorites, a search, and a ribbon with changes in all joint documents sorted in chronological order.

What’s All About?

Running a project and organizing team effort is never an easy thing to do. But with smart tools at hand, you can always do the magic happen and transform your small company into something big, meaningful, and profitable.