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5 Stories Of Successful Young Entrepreneurs To Inspire Your Entrepreneurial Journey


There are 27 million Americans who are now running their own businesses.

Life as an entrepreneur can be tough! Everything from making money to hiring other people is entirely on you. But, it can also be amazing!

Read these 5 stories of successful young entrepreneurs to help inspire your own entrepreneurial journey!

1. Sheena Allen Founded CapWay.

CapWay is a company providing financial opportunity to poor millennials and marginalized communities set up by 29-year-old Sheena Allen.

Her company is a “mobile-first” platform which provides debit cards to people who don’t trust the traditional banks.

With these cards, users also receive an education in finances and guidance to bring them good financial health.

She’s previously said that she wants Mark Zuckerberg power and there is no stopping her.

2. Daniela V. Fernandez Founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

At just 19 years old, this amazing woman founded Sustainable Ocean Alliance (SOA). In the past five years, the company is protecting the oceans thanks to the world’s largest network of leaders.

SOA is present in 60 countries and supports ocean startups all around the world. It has managed to raise $3 million and has secured Daniela a place on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2019.

3. Adelle Archer Founded Eterneva.

Founded in Austin, Texas, by 27-year-old Adelle Archer, this company helps people remember their deceased loved ones in a beautiful way.

As more people choose to be cremated than ever before, Eterneva turns ashes into diamonds. No longer do family members need to choose a place to scatter ashes, but can be close to their loved one forever.

Would you consider wearing your deceased relative as a ring on your finger? Whether you think this is creepy or cute, Eterneva is doing well and has a revenue of $280,000.

4. Ryan Pandya Founded Perfect Day.

We now know that giving up dairy and meat is the biggest thing we can do to avoid climate change.

But, many of us find it ridiculously hard to give up our morning milky coffee. To combat this issue, 26-year-old Ryan Pandya has set up Perfect Day.

The company is “reinventing the way milk is made” using an animal-free approach. The result is a more sustainable and healthy product. So far, the company has raised $39 million.

5. Jason Li Founded iReTron.

A 15-year-old with a dream borrowed two thousand dollars from his parents and started up his own company.

Li buys and refurbishes technology and old electronics to turn a profit. He believes that the best advice for a young entrepreneur is to never lose sight of your dream!

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Successful Young Entrepreneurs Work Hard.

If you want to see your name on one of these successful young entrepreneurs lists, all you need is a dream and some determination…

Of course, it’s a lot harder than that. But, if you come up with a good idea, there are many ways you can run with it. Don’t be afraid of risk!

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