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How Sharing Your Story With The World Can Lead To Success


by Jean Paul Paulynice, MBA and author of “It’s Time To Start Living With Passion!: Your Journey to Self-Discovery

All entrepreneurs have stories, of failure and triumph, that drive them to turn their dreams into reality. Your story matters. Starting a small business can be a frustrating and lonely endeavor and keeping your story inside doesn’t serve you or your clients. Sharing your story is one step you can take to get out of a rut and on your way to success.

Clients (and consumers) are interested in the “why”.

While a great product and service can go a long way when making a sale, learning what drives a brand to do what they do creates a powerful connection. Everyone loves an underdog story, and nothing is more inspiring than someone going from zero to success. Stories push people to think differently and follow a call to action.

For example, a young Howard Schultz got the idea for upscale espresso cafes while on a trip to Milan. His employer, a Seattle coffee bean roaster, didn’t want to own coffee shops, but they did finance his idea: Starbucks.

Another particularly inspiring entrepreneurial story took place in 1917 in Japan. Lacking a formal education, Konosuke Matsushita created an improved light socket, but his boss wasn’t interested. After making samples in his basement, he expanded to other electronics. Today Matsushita Electric, now known as Panasonic, is worth billions of dollars.

Your story can help your peers.

Let’s say you’ve worked your tail off and navigated obstacle after obstacle to get to where you are. That story of the struggle to success can bring hope to those who have just started a business of their own or are having a difficult time with their current business. In my book “It’s Time To Start Living With Passion!” I share my struggles and story of finding success and happiness and in turn, inspire and empower young future entrepreneurs.

Stories are transparent and personal.

The power of a story comes from the vulnerability and honesty of sharing something about yourself that is real and authentic. When investors or clients hear your story, you allow them to see your passion and purpose in all its glory. Who wouldn’t want to join that?

Stories showcase success.

Demonstrating that you can change along your entrepreneurial journey is incredibly appealing to your peers. Sharing your story with the world sets an example of the success that others will want to follow. My book “From Idea to Reality: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Meaningful Business Growth” is packed with questions to help prompt you to write your story in an exciting and inspiring way. Questions that make you think, like “What personal problem does your business idea help solve?” and “How has your product or service transformed your life?” This book helps you articulate your story and tailor it to your clients, putting you on the path towards success.


Jean Paul Paulynice is a motivational coach, business strategist, and author of “It’s Time To Start Living With Passion!: Your Journey to Self-Discovery;From Idea to Reality: An Entrepreneur’s Guide To Meaningful Business Growth” and Become A Leader In Your Industry Using Social Media“.


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