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Powerful, Spiritual Manifestation Techniques To Build A Successful Business


by Regan Hillyer, co-author of  The Abundance Codes

In my chosen role and business as an entrepreneur, thought leader and life and business coach, I am  often called on to assist clients who are pondering the really big questions… why am I here? What is my purpose on the planet? And also, another mind-bender… is this all that there is to life? Huge questions and huge journeys behind all of these pondering.

Firstly, I have to declare myself, I firmly believe that each and every person is put on this planet for a reason and that each and every one of us has natural talents and strengths that are waiting for the right circumstances, to blossom. I also believe that these talents are God-given and have the potential to be a force for change and good in the community and that these talents should not be squandered.

Now, you may not care to give this particular ‘name’ to these talents and you may call anything of a divine nature by another name, never-the-less we are in effect, all referring to the same ‘thing’. Without a belief in a divine purpose, then we are all simply born to live, pay a few bills and die. Surely there is more to our existence than this? 

Again, I firmly believe that this is not our sole reason for being and that to find true happiness, fulfillment and to call in total abundance in each and every aspect of our lives we must live into our true purpose and this purpose is divinely inspired.

Mary’s Story.

My client Mary had experienced some disappointing and traumatic outcomes from early involvement with a mainstream religion. As a consequence, she became an atheist. A complete non-believer. Emptiness consumed Mary’s world. She was and is, a noted overachiever but was not enjoying her career, she was actually trapped in a fight or flight response where she was constantly trying to prove her worthiness to everyone around her. By working together, to uncover her talents and passions, Mary realised that the universal source of energy she needed was within her the whole time. She just had to tune in and let it guide her. It was a big shift for her to listen to her intuition as God, as opposed to seeking organisational structure for her validation. This emergence was in the form of inner guidance. Some may call it God, which is fine, some, a higher power, some the universe, which is also fine. Just realize that it is the seat of creativity and the bliss of your spirituality supporting you without judgement. Mary left her unfulfilling job and started her own business, that was incredibly successful, as it was based on her passion and her newly reclaimed spirituality.

(Source: “The Abundance Codes” by Regan Hillyer and Juan Pablo Barahona, first edition 2018)

What Is Your Purpose?

When I am working with my clients around these fundamental and vital questions, I get them to ask themselves this one question. Are you are already living into your life’s purpose? 

Then, I ask them to go through a particular sort of exercise around this question to lead them down a pathway, gently, to discover their life’s purpose and the answer to the spiritual questions that are most vexing them.

Using a union of powerful, spiritual mindset techniques and proven business strategies, I have trained thousands of people and helped them to build multi 6 and 7-figure businesses and proven the marriage of these practices over and over again.

So, to successfully call in the life of your desires and build the multi 7-figure business, you need to get to the core of a powerful mindset, get committed, unpeel the layers around the core and use powerful tools. Mindset for me is the entire inner game. Mindset is the essence of your spiritual being, the vibration you attract, your inner belief system, your state of being, the frequency you are tapping into… and the shaking off self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. Know and understand that abundance is your true, natural state and that mindset is the key to manifesting what you want in your business and spiritual life. 

Powerful Mindset and Manifestation as an Activator for Your Vision.

A Manifestation Coach will advise you to use your mindset techniques as a vehicle to get into other realms… use your mindset as an entry point… you need to be in the vibration of what you want to call in, otherwise it will never manifest. We create reflections in our lives of our external reality. If you want to call in a certain amount of money or a particular relationship into your life, then you have to live into that vision of what it would be in your life, in each and every aspect of your life… see the vision and be empowered.

It’s no good to say “oh gee… I wish…’ or ‘Wouldn’t it be nice…” you have to actually embody this desire and call it in, by vibrating and resonating this in your life. Use your mind, focus..and use your emotional body to manifest it already done. Actually see the vision. Get into the vibration of already receiving in this state. Do the intentional piece. Plus, be humble enough to see your blind spots and blocks. Get real and do the internal work, be that person, be that vibration, be consistent. Get rid of your self-limiting blocks and be super clear around your vision. Check your reality… are you addicted to the struggle? Are you self-limiting because you need to micro-manage and control… instead of knowing that you can let go and focus on the bigger picture?

Ask yourself. What is your vision? Why do you want the money, the relationship, the abundant life-style? Get real. Step into alignment. Be intentional and be aware of how you are showing up for your mission and your abundance. Feel your fire and get the emotional and spiritual piece behind what you really, really want. Set your goal and be super clear on what it is that you actually want and WHY you want it. Aligned, intentional action with your accompanying spiritual vibration will activate results. Then, expand your container and get set to receive.


Regan Hillyer is a self-made multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, success coach, Forbes contributor, thought leader and a keynote speaker. Regan is a certified Master of NLP, Master of Hypnosis, Time Dynamics Specialist and a Success Strategist. Regan believes that it’s possible to live a truly abundant life and have it all if we agree to abandon a limiting mindset and instead choose beliefs that attract abundance.