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The Importance Of Good Content For Your Website


It is many years since Bill Gates coined the phrase ‘Content is king’, but that still holds true today. It can be very exciting starting a new business, but you need to make people aware of it or it will be doomed to failure. Great content is just one way to achieve this, but it is possibly the most important.

Building an SEO Strategy.

To be effective, you need to have an SEO strategy, so it is the right sort of content being posted to your website. Researching your audience and your competitors can be a good start if you are considering content marketing in Minneapolis or anywhere else. You need content that will be relevant to the genre you are seeking to serve, and by looking at your rivals, you can discover the errors they are making and avoid them or build on their successes.

Pages of Content.

There is more to good content than articles or blogs. Your landing pages, how-to guides, about us pages, service pages, lists and any other content all need to be well written. You have to remember that your landing page will be the first impression a new user has of your business and if that is badly written, they will think the whole operation is that way and very quickly move on to another site.

According to Google, you have just four seconds to hold someone’s interest, and if they stay on your site for longer than 10 seconds, you are doing well. Your hope is to turn them in customers, and your content needs to be interesting enough to keep them viewing so that it will be more likely to happen.

Other Types of Content.

There is more to content than written pieces. A page of text on its own would not look very inviting. You need to have some images too or perhaps a video. These days, the search engines are able to take account of these and they can affect your place in the results rankings.

An image can be what first attracts the user to look closer and as long as the written content that accompanies it is good, you are onto a winner.

Moving Up the Ranks.

It is said that users only look at the first two or three pages of results returned by the search engines, so you need your business to be near the top. Search engines are a web-based tool that locates the most relevant results for a search. They all work slightly differently but the results are based on your content being up to date and relevant, the time people spend on your site, and the numbers of people that visit it. This is the basics of it, but there is much more involved.


There are companies that specialize in content for websites and it is well worth paying to have your content professionally prepared. You should be able to concentrate on what you are good at – running your business – and leave the content to other people that know what they are doing.