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Are You Following These Email Marketing Growth Hacks?


by Prince Kapoor

Business and growth go adjacent to each other – correction – business and growth need to go adjacent to each other. As someone rightly said, if you are not growing, you are not steady, and believe me that is as good as descending.

Growth is the number one objective of any enterprise in any sphere of the industry or market. For the same reason, businesses and organizations take help of various digital marketing techniques. One such technique is email marketing. The terms itself is self-explanatory and has been the reason behind many entrepreneurs tasting the sweet taste of success.

But, achieving growth via email marketing is not as simple as it may sound. Unfortunately, many have tried and tested a lot with the same, but have failed to achieve the desired results. So, we have prepared a list of hacks which would help you master your email marketing skills.

This set of hacks will help you drive results like never before and avoid the silly mistakes that make your life so much difficult. But, remember every entrepreneur makes mistakes, so would you, but what’s the harm in some precaution.

Use email automation.

Before heading on to the details, let me tell you, this one is the most effective hack that we are going to tell you; so, get excited! As opposed to the traditional email, which needs a human to exclusively craft an email to send to a person, or a list of people at once – email automation directly sends in the crafted email as soon as the person meets a certain trigger which you decide.

As a business owner of any scale, you need to perform a lot of duties and have a lot of responsibilities, and without a doubt, email automation is going to prove one of the most valuable assets of your business. Statistically, automated emails get 119% higher click rates than broadcasted emails. Little efforts combined with the expertise of effective software is the basic phenomenon of email automation – all set to help you gauge growth in email marketing!

Discard the dead.

You might find that we are a little harsh on you on this one, but you need to cut down the dead weight and shorten your email list. Remember, your concern is not to build or construct the longest possible list for your business. Your job is to engage more and more customers via email marketing. So you tell us, what would you prefer, a list of 2000 among which only 700 are interested, or a list of 1000, out of which 900 are your high-quality leads? Obviously, the second one, right? Always keep in mind that engagement matters more than any arbitrary number.

Leverage Social Media.

If you are unaware of the ultimate influential power of social media, you are already missing out on a number of quality leads. Combine the extraordinary benefits of social media with your email marketing strategy for multiple growth rates. How? Launch campaigns to entice your audience by offering discounts and offers that can only be availed by people who have subscribed to your email list or strategize exclusive offers to increase your social media following. If you have a strong email subscribers list, you could endorse your subscribers to follow you on social media platforms, giving incentives. This is an easy-to-execute method, giving great results.

Be Mobile-friendly.

Things have changed. People nowadays wake up on their mobile phones rather than newspapers, coffee or tea. Now imagine your prospectives waking up to your intricately designed emails? After all, more than 70% people open their emails on mobiles and they are 3x more likely to open an email. So, make sure each of your emails is mobile optimized!

Mobile optimization is basically an email which is also customized for smartphones. No one wants to read a poor formatted email first thing in their morning routine. You could lose a potential customer with your carelessness. Roughly, more than 50% of people fall into the category of using their mobile phones to read their mails. That said, it does not mean you forget about the other half, the one who is addicted to the PC interface.

Offer discounts and free gifts.

If you are a newbie, you might find this scary, but remember it is next to impossible to turn down free stuff. So why not utilize this in your email marketing strategy also? Offer coupons to your subscribers giving free stuff or at least discounted goods if you cannot afford free stuff. If you are successful in attracting your audience, your engagement would reach its heights. And, high levels of engagement, we believe will help you compensate for the discounted price or loss you are making in the process.

While we are the end of this article, here’s one final piece of advice, don’t let the brainstorming stop – it will help you dig more hacks (that work exclusively only for you!) like proofreading your emails, being funny with them, and adding email signatures.


Prince Kapoor is a seasoned marketing analyst and blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide.