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7 Tips For Throwing A Successful Launch Party


A launch party is a great way to celebrate the opening of your business, the release of a new product or the introduction of a new service. It’s also a great way of generating initial buzz, helping you to attract customers.

To make your launch party a success, here are just a few tips to consider.

Choose the right location.

If your business is a restaurant or a bar, it makes sense to use your premises as the venue. However, if you’re an office-based company, you might not want to be hosting a launch party in your office. Choose an exciting venue that can contain the amount of people you hope to invite, as well as matching the tone. For instance, if you want it to be a casual event, you may be able to simply hire out a function hall in a trendy bar, whilst a more formal event may require something a little swankier.

Invite key people.

It could be worth inviting a few influential people to your launch party. This could include fellow owners of local businesses, journalists and important community figures. Not only will this make your event more exciting by giving other guests the chance to meet these people, but it could also help you to generate business after your launch party – if you impress them, these types of people are likely to know lots of people they can recommend your services to.

Offer incentives for coming.

Incentives can ensure that your guests actually want to come. This could include free food and drink or even discounts to your products/services in exchange for coming. Advertising the fact that influential people will be there could also attract guests (just make sure that you’ve secured these special guests first).

Promote your brand.

Guests need to remember your brand so pour some money into printing displays. The likes of pop up banner stands, roller banners and flags could help to keep your brand salient throughout the event. Leave yourself enough time to get these designed and printed.

Keep it fun.

A launch party is a promotional event, but it’s also a chance to have fun. Provide some form of entertainment – whether it’s a DJ or live tribute band – to help keep this element of fun. This will make your event more memorable and will create a more positive association with your brand.

Mingle with your guests.

Speaking to all your guest personally will make them feel welcome and could also help to develop a more personal relationship with your brand. Allow yourself time to mingle. Hiring an events co-ordinator could take away the stress of co-ordinating yourself so that you can join in the party and enjoy it.

Give a speech.

In case you don’t get to talk to everyone personally, delivering a speech could be a great way of ensuring everyone knows who you are. Time this strategically at a point in the evening when the majority of your guests are likely to be present. You can take this chance to talk about your business and even give a presentation, but try to keep it succinct so that you don’t bore people (it’s supposed to be a party after all – not a conference). 


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