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Why Product Packaging Important For Your Startup


Starting a business goes beyond having an idea. There is a lot of research that needs to be done in terms of how to run the business efficiently as well as how to make profits. If you are planning to start a product line, it is imperative to know the basics and importance of product packaging. The same way people are identified by their names is the same way you need your brand to be recognized using their packaging. The product packaging you use can make or break your business. As a startup, you can either decide to come up with the packaging or even hire professionals to do that for you at an affordable rate. Experts at Zenpack can help you develop a complete packaging and branding strategy – which includes the design, sourcing, and manufacturing process – which will enhance the customer experience.

Below are some of the reasons why product packaging is vital for your start-up company;

1. It is a good marketing strategy.

Marketing is an indispensable tool for any business. The business market is competitive and extremely dynamic, meaning that you need to put a lot of efforts into marketing your products. And one way to efficiently do products marketing is by ensuring that the packaging is well done. Make sure that your brand name is visible and is attractive as well. Get creative with the logo in that the moment someone sees the logo, they can be able to tell what product is all about. Also, the colors on the packaging material should blend in well.

2. Maintains the products safety standards.

Perhaps one of the main reasons you need to package the products is to keep the products safety standards. Products need to be safe while being transported to the consumers as well as when they are on the shelves in your shop or on the shelves of your distributes. For example, if you are selling foodstuff like crisps, you need to ensure that you seal the packaging well to ensure that they do not get soggy or even start developing mold due to poor packaging. Additionally, to avoid landing on the wrong books of the food safety officers, it is best to comply with the safety packaging standards.

3. Builds your brand.

Have you ever wondered why other brands are well known compared to others? Well, the packaging is one of the reasons. A consumer will be more inclined to buy a product that is well packaged compared to one that is poorly packaged. Why? This is because, for one, it becomes convenient for them to carry the product without the hassle and secondly, they are also assured of the safety of the product when it is well packaged. Proper and attractive packaging is one way to build your brand and in turn, grow your business.

4. Influences purchasing decisions.

Let’s face it; most customers, especially first time users, will buy a product due to its attractiveness. And proper packaging does that for you. As aforementioned, ensure that you make your packaging unique and that the colors blend in. Think out of the box, for example, if you deal with children products, use bright colors, and you can also decide to have cartoons drawn all over the packaging materials. Also, do a lot of research on colors. Studies have shown that different colors have different impacts on the brain and in turn, affect the purchasing decisions of customers. For example, products with black packaging display a lot of sophistication and power, white evokes simplicity and purity, whereas pink evokes beauty. Therefore, before coming up with a color scheme for your products, ensure that you consider your target market as well.

5. Provides product information.

Products without proper packaging or with plain packaging leave the consumers wondering what the product is all about. The packaging you come with is one way to provide products information such as the ingredients used, manufacturing date, expiry date, how to use the product, company’s contacts, and so on. Also, ensure that the product information is visible and bold. It becomes way easier for a customer to purchase a product when they have all the details of what the product is all about. And in case of any issues, the customer might also be able to reach you through the contacts on the packaging.