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Why You Should Be Your Own Boss


Some people are more than happy working for someone else; they love the structure and the fact that their actions are dictated by someone else (for the most part – most jobs do have some form of autonomy to them, of course). However, that’s not what suits everyone; some people are born to be leaders, and these are the ones who are most comfortable being their own boss and working for themselves.

There are many reasons why this way of working appeals, and why so many people choose the entrepreneurial route. In fact, this option is growing in popularity, and more people are becoming self-employed than ever before.

Here are some of the reasons why.

Realize Your Self-Worth.

In some situations, you may find yourself working for someone else doing something that doesn’t truly suit your skills or your qualifications. You might have gone to college and obtained an MBA, but unless you’re working in a career that requires one, all that time and effort will have been wasted.

When you work for yourself, you can put your skills and knowledge to good use, doing exactly what you were made to do. Having that MBA, such as the ones on this site, will finally come into its own, and you will be able to realize your self-worth once and for all. That is something that will make you both proud and happy.

Flexible Working.

The time has come where businesses need to look into offering flexible working (which could mean working from home, or starting earlier and finishing earlier or vice versa, for example); everyone is trying to juggle a personal and family life with working these days. However, sadly not all businesses are forward thinking enough to offer this, which can leave workers in a dilemma.

When you are your own boss, you dictate the times that you work, within reason. You can work as flexibly as you need to, letting your work life balance finally be something you can enjoy dealing with.

Do Something You Enjoy.

We have probably all been in the position of accepting a job because it will pay the bills, even if it’s a far cry from what we really want to be doing. It’s sad when that happens, but it can often feel like the only choice.

If you work for yourself, in a company you have built from the ground up, you’ll be doing what you want to do in terms of work. Your productivity will increase as will your job satisfaction, and you will be more successful because of this.

That doesn’t mean that every single aspect of the business will be something you enjoy, because when you’re the boss (especially if you are the only person working within the business), you will have to take on many roles, and there will probably be something you don’t like. However, the good points should outweigh the bad, and this is why working for yourself is a great option.