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Questions To Ask A Workers’ Comp Lawyer After An Accident


As an employee, you are entitled to numerous benefits. One of these is in the form of free insurance, which you do not pay for. Should you meet an accident while you are in your work premises and while performing work that is for the furtherance of the company in which you are employed, you are entitled to compensation for these injuries. This is where your benefits under the workers’ compensation law come in.

Should you meet an accident, you will need to go through processes to successfully claim your workers’ compensation. If you are severely injured that you are rendered immobile, doing this all by yourself can only prove futile. For your benefit, it is best to hire or seek the help of a workers’ compensation lawyer, such as those from The Dominguez Firm.

What are the questions that you need to ask your lawyer? Find out here below:

1. How much experience do you have with workers’ compensation cases?

To get to know more about your lawyer, ask upfront how many years of experience they have with workers’ compensation cases, and how much of their time is devoted to these cases. By asking this question, you would have an overall idea as to whether or not your attorney knows the ins and outs of the law. If there is any detail that you find unsatisfactory, then perhaps you might be better off finding another lawyer. This decision boils down to a matter of personal preference.

2. What information do you need from me?

Your workers’ compensation lawyer will need a starting point that can give them a basis for your claims. Without this, it would be challenging for them to prove that you have a strong claim. Hence, upon your first meeting, it is imperative that you lay your cards down on the table. Both you and your lawyer need information from each other. Ask your lawyer about all the information they need from you.

For instance:

  • Contact information of your employer and its insurance company
  • Details of your employment
  • Correspondence from your employer about your claim
  • Details of your accident and injury
  • Witnesses or fellow employees who might have seen the accident happen

3. What benefits am I entitled to receive?

After you have given out all the necessary information about your case, it is also crucial for you to have an idea as to the benefits that you are entitled to receive. Because your lawyer has been working on cases such as yours as part of their field of specialization, they are the best person to ask about the benefits that you are entitled to. Early on during your meeting, you have to clear this all up, so that you know what it is you should and shouldn’t be expecting.

4. Is there anything that I have to do from my end?

One of the most common mistakes committed by clients is that when they file for a worker’s compensation claim, they generally think that nothing has to be done on their part. Because they have a lawyer assisting them, they mistakenly think that it is the lawyer who does all the work that needs to be completed. However, you have to do your part, too, and you need to ask your lawyer about this. Perhaps there are documents that you need to sign or submit to your claims administrator. Whatever your duty, your lawyer should tell you about it, so that the processing of your claims can go as smoothly as possible.

5. Can I check to see your permits and license to operate?

It is critical to double check that the lawyer you are looking to hire for your claims is legitimate. There are numerous lawyers with licenses that may be expired or do not even have the proper permits to hold a law office. You have to make sure that you are putting your case in the hands of a qualified, legal attorney. Ask your lawyer to show you all or any of the following:

  • Diploma from law school
  • Certification from the local bar association that they have passed the state or federal bar exam
  • Permits and licenses for them to hold a law office
  • Other certifications from training and further studies relating to workers’ compensation that they may have undertaken

6. What is it that I should tell my doctor?

Tell your doctor the whole truth about whatever happened during your accident. Your lawyer will also note down the story that you have told them to also relay this information to your doctor.  In case you forget any of these, your lawyer is there to help you. Remember, if you want to have the best claims, you should be transparent about your case. Do not leave any gray area unanswered.

7. Will you be handling my case personally?

Especially if you are approaching a lawyer in a major law firm, it is but sensible to ask if this particular lawyer will be the one handling your case personally. You don’t want to end up surprised later on that your case may be given to an associate. If you are uncomfortable with this, then let your lawyer know upfront. It is best that your lawyer has an overall idea of your expectations. If you want that senior lawyer to be the one handling your case, then be upfront with this request. Always remember to ask who in the team will be in charge of handling your case.


With all this in mind, the most common question is whether or not you really need a lawyer. For minor injuries sustained and if there is no denial of your claim, then you might be fine without one. But for you to ensure that you receive the maximum benefits, it is best that you hire a workers’ compensation lawyer. In accidents, you may not be able to think well, or worse, your injury claims may be denied. To make sure that you have the best claims for your rights, go ahead and ask your workers’ compensation lawyer these questions, and hire one.