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How To Improve Your Startup’s Digital Presence


As a startup, one of the most difficult yet most important things you need to do is grow your digital presence. The internet is where modern start-ups are born, funded, and (provided it’s done right) flourish, so it makes sense to focus your marketing efforts there.

But how do you build a strong digital presence that grows interest in your brand and gets people talking? Well, it’s not easy – especially when you’re competing for attention among a sea of competitors. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it’s necessary.

So in order to provide the best possible return on the time and effort you invest, here’s how you can improve your start-up’s digital presence.

Start With Your Website.

Before doing anything else, you should work on making your website the most effective possible tool in your marketing strategy. Think of it as your storefront – the place where people go to learn about your brand, buy your products/services and get in touch with you. In this context, it’s clear that your website is instrumental in building your digital presence.

It should have great SEO that puts it above your competition, an attractive interface that loads quickly and is easy to navigate, plenty of valuable content and additional elements that improve engagement. The latter includes well-placed social sharing options, easy ways to contact you, and testimonials from past customers.

Master Your Content.

Successful businesses don’t just have great content on their blogs to bring their website higher up in search results. Valuable content is not only appreciated but also shared. If your start-up can provide informative and compelling content on your industry, people will take notice and word will quickly spread.

This extends to more than just the articles on your blog. For example, you can post informative videos on YouTube, great photos on Instagram, or even take it further and create a podcast. It all depends on your industry and the platforms most used by your target market.

But identifying exactly who that is and where to find them isn’t always easy. This is where the help of a professional service such as web presence comes in. A good digital marketing company will help you find your target audience and engage with them in the most effective manner possible.

Make the Most of Social Media.

It’s no secret that social media is one of, if not the most powerful marketing mediums we have available to us today. That said, it’s not something to be used purely for promotional purposes. For example, start-up A uses their Twitter account to occasionally announce new products, but that’s where their efforts end.

Start-up B, on the other hand, shares posts that answer commonly asked questions, solve common problems or provide valuable insights into their respective industry. Guess who found success and who closed their doors for good? By following start-up B, your audience will grow and continue engaging with you – provided you engage back.


To sum it up, your start-up should focus on providing value throughout the marketing mediums you use. This will help you build the right type of reputation and create positive interest around your brand.