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What Is It Like To Work For You?


So if you haven’t asked yourself this question yet, then we can guarantee you have turned a blind eye to a lot of wrong doings. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely a small established business, who has taken on an employee or two, maybe even a handful, to help you run your business. And that’s exactly what they’re there to do, help you. But considering these people spend their days working tirelessly to please you, and to keep those all important cogs of your business turning, poor treatment only seems to be on the rise.

There are growing complaints as to how employees are being treated, yet so many don’t do anything about it. So this article is going to hopefully get you thinking about what it might actually be like to work for you, and how you can improve the working environment. The more time you invest in to your employees, and showing them rewards for the effort they put in, the harder they’re going  to work for you.

So, have a read of the tips below, and start thinking about what it’s truly like to work for you!

How Do You Interact With Them?

So if there’s one thing that you really need to consider, it’s how you interact with your employees. One of the most common complaints that nearly every employee has, is that their boss is only ever there for the negatives. It’s as though it’s hard for you to say well done, but you can easily storm in and ask why something hasn’t been done. Not only this, but on the other end of the spectrum, males and females are feeling sexually harassed at work due to bosses getting too friendly. So you have to find that happy medium, focusing on praise where it’s due, and changing your approach to negatives. Always try and keep your interactions calm, and focus on positive reinforcement. So if they’ve done something wrong, always sandwich it in between something they’ve done well!

What Does Your Company Offer?

So now it’s time to think about what you can give back. If the first thing that you’ve thought of is the paycheck you’re giving them at the end of the month, well this just isn’t enough. Whilst you don’t need to be showering them with bonuses and freebies, looking at an employee benefits provider to see what benefits you could incorporate into your company could be the best thing you’ve ever done. If all you’re ever giving is the odd bonus here and there, the novelty will soon wear off. You definitely need to offer more if you want to produce hard working and loyal staff!

How Do You Compare To Others?

So now take a look around you, and see what other companies are offering. All you have to do is a job search in your niche, and the advert should say it all for you. If you see that others are offering far more than you, then you know it’s time to up your game until you’re the most attractive employer in the market.