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5 Ways To Keep Your Workforce Happy


You know what they say – a business is only as good as its workforce. And you’ll find that many employees can tell you that the key to business success is a happy and content workforce. We all know that the customer comes first, but if the driving force behind your business isn’t on your side, then your business is already failing.

Here are a few very simple and straightforward ways you can keep your personnel happy at work. 

1. Keep them safe.

As the business owner, keeping your employees safe at work is a responsibility that lies with you. You’re legally obliged to help identify any potential risks and in turn, find ways to minimise those risks. Staff that don’t feel safe or feel like they’re putting themselves in danger won’t stick around for long, and it’s a sure fire way to create a bad reputation as an employer. The solution? Keep up to date with the latest health and safety practises, ensure your first aiders are happy and comfortable in their roles and make sure everything from the fire extinguishers to the signage in and around the workplace is visible and doing its job properly. 

2. Recognise their progress.

We all need a little constructive criticism from time to time, and your staff will probably welcome it, it allows them to grow and even progress to another role within your business. However, it can be just as powerful to commend your staff for a job well done. Acknowledging their efforts and their day to day work verbally and in person makes everything a little sweeter. It makes them feel appreciated. It also shows that as their boss, you’re aware of them and you’re recognising their efforts. 

3. Trust them.

It’s not always easy to delegate tasks without micromanaging. But it’s something you have to let go of if you want your employees to be happy at work. Start by assigning tasks and giving your employees the chance to express their concerns, their ideas and their input. Send them off with other departments to help them find out more about the company, let them choose someone to represent them at an employee forum etc.

4. Celebrate both personal and team achievements.

It can be difficult to remember sometimes, especially when you’re caught up in all your own work. But your employees have rich, colourful lives away from your office and taking steps to recognise that will show that you care about them and their achievements. From a new baby, to birthdays, perhaps they’re doing something amazing for charity, whatever they’re up to – show an interest! At the same time, recognise their journey and progress at work! Whether it’s hitting their targets for the sixth week in a row or completing a sale on a first call. Show you care and that you’re present. 

5. Encourage mental health awareness.

We’re talking about mental health more and more. So, keep it at the forefront of your business and make sure your employees know that your business is tuned in to their metal wellbeing. Encourage staff to talk about their feelings and promote a happy, healthy working environment without stigma or judgement.