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Why You Should Buy Used Industrial Equipment


Instead of buying new industrial equipment a lot of businesses and people prefer to buy used ones. Honestly speaking, there are myriads of reasons to buy used industrial equipment.

Do you want to find out why sometimes it is best to buy used equipment than new ones? If so, then keep on reading. In this post, we will show you a few of the many reasons why buying equipment that is already used is a wise investment.

1. It is a packaged deal.

Compared to new industrial equipment acquisitions, purchasing of used equipment does not end after you give the payment. Most merchants of used industrial equipment provide a wide variety of services.

As a matter of fact, they also provide parts that you’ll be needing in the future and pay the skilled service technicians essential in order to keep your second-hand equipment running properly and smoothly for a long period of time.

2. Lower Acquisition Cost.

Without a doubt, buying used items is relatively cheaper than buying new ones. In general, the cost diversity between new and used machinery will range from 30% and 70%. The cost differentiation, on the other hand, greatly depends on the used equipment’s condition as well as quality.

3. It is faster.

Since used machinery is already in stock, obtaining it to your company or site and running it isrelatively quicker compared when you buy a new one.

From ordering to delivery and installation, the usual total dispatch on used equipment is 14 to 21 days while buying new machinery may take half a year or more.

Imagine the money that you may possibly save and earn if you have the machine needed in operation in just a short span of time.

4. Nominal Lead Times.

When buying a new piece of equipment from a machinery dealer or OEM, facing inconsistent as well as long lead times may happen whether you like it or not. This is for the number of reasons like the dealer not having particular materials or parts on hand, not deploying sufficient workers to manage order deadlines, and shipping delays.

Even so, since used industrial machinery is typically available at all times, getting it a lot quicker compared when you invest in a new one.

5. It is environmental friendly.

For sure you are surprised to know that buying used equipment is environmentally friendly. Guaranteed, some components could be recycled, however, other parts that can’t are usually thrown in the landfills.

So if you care about Mother Earth, buying used equipment is a good decision. As a matter of fact, the production of new equipment involves a lot of processes which may possibly affect the environment in a negative way.


As you can see, buying used equipment is extremely beneficial. But for you to reap all the benefits you need to deal with a reliable and reputable seller. Nevertheless, the simplest yet the best way to determine if the seller is not lying about the condition and specifications of the machine is to ask them for the physical product.


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