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5 Ways To Make Your Working Day Run Smoothly


Kick-start your day with five simple tips to ensure you get organized and be extremely productive when you get into work.

The key to your day running smoothly is preparation, whether you save yourself time the day before, or write an in-depth to-do list when you get to the office.

1. Get up when your alarm goes off.

It’s so easy to tap snooze and promise yourself you’ll get up in five minutes, but those extra minutes are not going to make you feel any more rested. You might not like it, but snoozing for those extra few minutes will make you feel worse. Popular Science insists that trying to get back to sleep will actually make your brain confused. So, use that valuable time to make a decent breakfast with coffee or tea on the side, incorporate some stretches or shower at a slightly cooler temperature to wake you up.

2. Plan your morning the night before.

That morning rush can make even a morning person break out into a sweat. Taking just a few minutes putting together an outfit the night before, is a great way to make your morning run a little smoother. Have it ironed and laid out, so you can have more time to shower, get dressed, and head out the door without feeling rushed. You can also beat decision fatigue as soon as you wake up, by prepping your lunch and packing your work bag.

3. Write a to-do list.

Creating a list of your critical actions for the day is a great way to improve productivity. It will help you prioritize what you need to get ticked off and make you work more efficiently. Business Insider reported the habits that 19 highly accomplished execs have, which includes Founder & CEO of INKED – Dani Egna sharing her love of to-do lists. She insists they help her and her team action their key deliverables for the day, week, and month ahead. Plus, there’s no greater satisfaction than ticking something off your list.

4. Take a break.

Whether you like to read in your lunch break, catch-up with colleagues, or work up a sweat, it’s the perfect time to do what makes you feel good. Booking a fitness class with Burn Studios before work, during lunch or after work is sure to get those endorphins pumping. The classes fit around your schedule and are a great way to set you up for a productive afternoon. Whether you’re into kickboxing, yoga, or just want to lift some weights, you can set goals and reach your full potential.

5. Schedule your time.

Devote chunks of your day to must-do tasks such as emails and meetings. It’s also worth setting time limits for each task. There’s nothing worse than getting stuck into a task that should have taken 1 hour, but has taken over your morning. Scheduling your day will help you avoid burnout too, Thrive Global insists that taking small steps to make it as streamlined as possible, can minimize stress. Finally, work out when you’re at your most productive and keep that time for yourself, to conquer big tasks you want to get finished.


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