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Spread Your Wings With The Innovative Spotivity Platform For After School Programs


After school activities for teenagers are a great way to develop new skills, network and build self-confidence. However, for various reasons, millions of teens in America fail to engage in meaningful afterschool programs. Spotivity is a one-of-a-kind platform that helps teens and parents find meaningful activities that match their interest, location and requirements. After school program providers can also use Spotivity to connect with potential participants and grow their user base.

Pursue Your Sporting Passion.

Spotivity supports several types of meaningful after school activities for teenagers including sports, education, arts, mentoring, health and volunteerism. After school sports programs offer teenagers an opportunity to participate in sports they have an interest in or ones that are not available at their school. Sports activities are an excellent way to build physical fitness, personal character and build friendships. From baseball to soccer, lacrosse to basketball, and martial arts to chess, teenagers and parents can easily search for an after school sports program using the dynamic Spotivity smartphone app or website.

Get a Head Start with Your Business Dreams.

Using the Spotivity iOS app or Spotivity Android app or website, teenagers and parents can perform an interactive search and find after school business education programs that peek their interests. Living in a fast-paced society where even teenagers are establishing successful businesses and becoming enterprising entrepreneurs, developing business skills early is a great strategy for improving chances of success.

Acquire Cool Tech Skills.

Many teenagers love technology and, if given a chance, would like to acquire cool tech skills. An afterschool program with emphasis on technological education can accomplish this. With different providers of technological education services listed on Spotivity, parents and teens can effectively find an afterschool program that matches their needs.

Utilize Summer Vacations Effectively.

Teen adventure summer camps are exciting solutions to keep boredom at bay during long summer weeks. Many of these summer camps are outdoors, allowing teenagers to get outside. Well- designed summer camps incorporate a variety of activities that take care of skill-building and provide pure enjoyment. Adventure activities offer opportunities to develop vital life skills and make it easy to start new friendships with co-participants. With Spotivity, users can find teen summer camps that meet their needs.

Value Adding Features of Spotivity.

Spotivity is a free and easy-to-use platform offering many attractive features that enhance user experience. If you’re interested in teen sports camp in Chicago, all you have to do is use Spotivity’s dynamic map to see all that your neighborhood has to offer. You can bookmark favorite programs and join when you have the time. With optional parental tethering, teenagers can let their parents know when they check into an activity. The points system, digital badges and leaderboard features make tracking progress fun and rewarding. If you are a program provider, the Premium Program Subscription Service provides access to a host of supportive features such as reports on engagement or revenue generation that can help you grow your business.

Whether your interest lies in sports camps for teens in Chicago or a business education program, use Spotivity to unlock options and find perfect solutions!