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What Some Are Using Home Equity Loan/HELOC Proceeds For


Home equity loans and HELOCs provide a faster financing opportunity for consumers. The products offer immediate payments for any purposes without restrictions. The difference in the products is that the consumer receives the loan value immediately, and they access the line of credit over a specific duration.

Since there aren’t any restrictions on how the consumers use the loan products, let’s discuss some ways that consumers choose to use the proceeds and improve their lives.

Starting a College Fund.

The 529 college funds provide parents with exceptional benefits. They add money tax-free to the funds at any time. Using the loan or the credit line gives parents the opportunity to contribute either a lump sum or periodic payments into the fund. Starting the funds as early as possible gives their child adequate financial support for completing any college degree program.

Covering the Expense of Assisted Living.

A spouse or child of an individual who needs assisted living services uses the equity built-up into the home to cover the costs. It is a better choice over filing for government programs that pay the expenses. The reason is that by using their own money to pay for the costs, the nursing home doesn’t have the right to seize assets for payments. When using a government program, the patient isn’t allowed to have assets in their name and receive help through the programs.

Home Renovations and Repairs.

Homeowners calculate the full cost of renovations and repairs before approaching a lender. When several factors come into play, the homeowner chooses the financial product that meets their needs the most. If there aren’t any possible cost increases, then the loan would be the best choice. However, if sudden changes could occur and increase their financial needs, then the line of credit provides the most appropriate choice.

Creating an Emergency Savings Fund.

Emergency savings funds help consumers pay for unexpected costs. All financial advisors recommend generating proceeds for the savings funds. By using either the loan or the line of credit, the consumer generates additional funds by adding to their savings fund at any time. It gives them a surplus when disaster strikes, and they face delays in insurance coverage, too.

Eliminating High Interest and Controlling Costs.

Smaller accounts, such as unsecured credit cards give consumers an opportunity to establish credit. Unfortunately, the accounts come with excessively high interest rates. When paying off the accounts, the consumer faces a greater balance if they pay just the minimum payment each month. By using proceeds from the home loans or lines of credit, the consumer pays off the smaller debts all at once and doesn’t incur the full extent of the higher interest rate.

The same opportunities are available for smaller loans, too. The consumer uses the money to pay the debts offer over a period of time, or they collect a larger amount to pay off all the debt instantly. When reviewing each product, the consumer considers why they want the loan or line of credit and how each product helps them achieve their objective.


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