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Traditional Security Methods For Business


In the digital age of today, old school technologies are still a mainstream part of almost every businesses security systems. These are tools that we all take for granted until you need them. Have you ever rushed to get to work only to find you forgot your badge that allows you to go past the front desk? Cybersecurity is important. However, physical security is the key to keeping data and employees safe.

This article will review methods of security that may never go out of style.

Identification badges and key cards.

If you drive a car, most likely you have identification that states you can drive it. The idea of identifying one’s self with a badge goes back hundreds of years. Identity theft must have been tough to deal with before picture IDs became the norm. The impact of ID badges on a business can be significant. They identify the badge holder and grant access to sensitive locations in business. They can be designed to work similarly to bank cards. The user can swipe them to gain access. ID badges can display a company logo or motto that expresses the interest of the owner.


Have you ever been to a grocery store and wondered, “How do they keep track of all this stuff?” The answer in most cases is barcodes. Barcodes are a very important part of all types of business. Barcodes can identify products and locate tools that have been coded. They can be used to identify people through ID cards which can also be encoded with barcodes. Ultimately, a business can use them to track inventory and sales.

Laminating machines and film.

Using laminating machines and laminating film such as these at USI Laminate are also important security methods. These tools help businesses keep materials protected and durable. This also allows a business to create their own ID badges. People can also use laminating machines to make placards that can guide visitors inside your business.

Binding machines.

Binding machines have not lost their popularity. These machines can be used to help create small manuals and pamphlets. They can help you make booklets for meetings or instructions for trips. These machines are helpful because it allows businesses to create materials without giving away trade secrets.

Cameras and lighting.

Security cameras and lighting are very important when it comes to physically securing a building. Cameras are an inexpensive way to secure areas 24/7. Good lighting detours parking lot crimes such as vandalism and assault. The use of cameras also helps prevent crime and identifies who is in the building or parking lot.

Security guards and checkpoints.

Security guards and checkpoints are also still relevant in today’s modern business world too. Guards can control access to sensitive areas and also help reduce threats. They can provide a physical presence where cameras and lighting cannot do it alone. Guards can also walk around the buildings and monitor the cameras.

Training the workforce.

A businesses security is as strong as it’s workforce ability to implement the security procedures. The final piece of a secure workplace is the security practices of its workforce. According to Entrepreneur.com, it is a good idea to build a strong security mindset within the workforce. Businesses must have meetings dedicated to safety and security practices. Security must also be apart of training so that new employees can quickly adapt to company policies.


Every business that has to have a building for its employees has to take security into question. Today, businesses have to be prepared for all sorts of malicious attacks. In the event of a disaster or life-threatening event, employees have to understand where exits are and where to find help. Companies need to place placards and security guards strategically to help guide people to safety in emergencies.

Security is an everyday task. It is also important to create and review security policies on a regular basis with your employees. To secure the physical and intellectual property of a business, it requires hardware, software, and people all working together.

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