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CNC Production In China – A Rising Trend


The industrialized countries such as Europe, America and Japan have completed the industrialization of CNC machine tools, and China started from the 1980s and is now in the development stage. Compared with foreign products, the gap between CNC machining in China is mainly in the high-speed, high-efficiency and precision of machine tools.

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Why CNC Machining Is Important for Prototyping Manufacturing?

  1. Producing quality products
  2. Speed ​​up product delivery
  3. Production of custom prototypes
  4. Product interviews prior to other competitors

CNC Machining Service.

CNC machining services refers to machining with tools. The CNC index control machine is programmed by the CNC machining language, usually G code. The CNC machining G code language tells the CNC machine tool which Cartesian position coordinates to use, and controls the tool feed speed and spindle speed, as well as tool converters, coolants and other functions. CNC precision machining has great advantages over manual machining. For example, the parts produced by CNC fabrication are very precise and repeatable. CNC machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be completed by manual machining. CNC machining technology is now widely promoted. Most machining shops have CNC machining capabilities. The most common CNC machining methods in typical machining shops are milling, lathing, turning and CNC EDM wire cutting (EDM cutting).

CNC Milling Tools.

The tool for CNC milling is called milling machine or machining center. The lathe for CNC turning is called the turning center. CNC machining G code can be manually programmed, but usually th0065 machining shop uses CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to automatically read CAD (Computer Aided Design) files and generate G code programs to control CNC machine tools.

CNC Lathe Feed Machining Router.

The CNC lathe feed machining route refers to the path that the turning tool starts from the tool point (or the fixed point of the machine tool) until it returns to the point and ends the machining process, including the cutting path and the cutting and cutting of the tool. The finished feed routes are basically in the order of their part contours. Therefore, the focus of the determination of the feed route is to determine the feed path for roughing and idle travel. In the machining of CNC lathes, the determination of the processing route generally follows the following principles.

  1. The accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece should be ensured before being machined.
  2. The processing route is the shortest, the idle travel time is reduced, and the processing efficiency is improved.
  3. Simplify the workload of numerical calculations and simplify the processing procedure.
  4. For some reusable programs, the subroutine should be used.

The Advantages Of CNC Manufacturing.

CNC manufacturing has the following advantages:

1. A large reduction in the number of tooling, processing complex shapes of parts does not require complex tooling. If you want to change the shape and size of the part, you only need to modify the part processing program, which is suitable for new product development and modification.

2. When it comes to small batch production the CNC machining efficiency is higher than other processes, which can reduce the time of production preparation, machine tool adjustment and process inspection.

3. It can process complex profiles that are difficult to machine by conventional methods.

The disadvantage of CNC machining is that the machine tools are expensive and requires a high level of maintenance personnel.

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