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How To Grow A Business From The Roots


by Lewis Robinson

Every successful business once started out as a small startup. Many owners make the mistake of placing too much focus on long-term goals. Although expansion, increased salaries, improved profits, and overall success are great aspirations, new companies need to focus on more immediate tasks. When growing a business from scratch, it is more important to create a solid foundation from which a successful business can grow.

Without the proper foundation and framework in place, no company can grow larger and increase its profits. Here are a few key strategies for growing a business from the roots.

1. Find dedicated and capable employees.

Employees are the heart of every successful business. This is especially true when growing a company from scratch. The right employees can help grow a small startup into a blossoming business. Alternatively, a disinterested and incapable staff will only drive a small company into the ground. When hiring staff for a new business, it is critical to find dedicated and capable employees. You shouldn’t only look for people willing to work a position. Instead, managers must be able to find employees willing to help grow a business. Working for a startup requires extra time, dedication, and expertise.

2. Hire through the current staff members.

Hiring through current employees is a great way to find the best talent in the market. Companies must first understand what is an employee referral before implementing this strategy. Through employee referral programs, companies seek to find potential workers by asking their current staff. This form of networking is an excellent strategy for companies that are starting from scratch. Instead of having to rely solely on interviews and resumes, employee referral programs can help you find trustworthy and capable individuals through current staff members.

3. Outline a three-month plan for growth.

The first few months of operation are the most important in determining a new company’s potential for the future. Many companies fail within these first few months, and others seal their fate depending on the decisions made within this critical time frame. In order to successfully grow a business from the roots, it is critical to have a detailed plan for these first few months. The plan should outline each detail of your company’s operations for this time period. From marketing research and advertising strategies to product manufacturing and employee compensation, it is important to have these details outlined before the official launch date. This outline can be consulted throughout these first crucial months to ensure that everything is going according to plan.

4. Find knowledgeable investors.

Many companies fail due to a lack of funding. The best products and services cannot save a startup without enough capital to make it through the first few years of operation. Unlike well-established businesses that have been in operation for many years, startups don’t have significant profits that can be reinvested for further growth. Older companies have the benefit of growing like a snowball rolling down a hill. In order to gain this initial momentum, new businesses will have to find willing investors to provide the capital needed to make important investments. It is even more beneficial to find investors that are knowledgeable in your company’s particular market. In addition to an investment, you’ll also be receiving some valuable insight and expertise.

5. Reach out to current and potential customers.

A majority of startups struggle to find a place in busy markets. With well-established companies already dominating the space, new businesses have to find a way to carve out a particular niche in which they can find success. Reaching out to current or potential customers is one of the best ways to develop this expertise. After all, the fundamental purpose of a company is to meet the demands of its clientele. By speaking with a target audience, new companies can make strategic changes to perfect their products and services in order to stay relevant in the industry.


Lewis Robinson is a business consultant specializing in social media marketing, CRM, and sales.  He’s begun multiple corporations and currently freelances as a writer and business consultant.