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5 Tips On Starting A Small Business When Fresh Out Of College


If your commencement date is coming up, your future is probably the first thing on your mind. Many recent grads have their elevator speech memorized for every time they need to answer the question, “what’s next?”

If you don’t like the idea of painstakingly sending job applications until something suitable comes along, be your own boss. For recent college graduates who want to create their path to success, here are five tips to building a brand of your own.

1. Follow Your Passion.

If you want to start a business, you must have an idea that you care about. What is that project that you just can’t stop thinking about? Whether you build websites, dream about opening your own ice cream shop, or plan on unveiling the world’s next big invention, you have to be motivated to get started.

Pursuing a field you’re passionate about will fuel your desire to keep going, even on your toughest days. Building a business is never easy, so make sure you’re heart in it before you even get started.

2. Research Potential Options.

Once you have your business objective, consider how your product or service will benefit other people. If you want your business to be successful, there needs to be a demand for what you’re offering.

If you want to open a clothing store, look into possible merchandisers and locations. If you plan on opening a consulting business, consider your potential client base and how you’d like to reach them.

Additionally, owning a business is full of paperwork and red tape. Find out what licenses and permits are required to operate in your area. You don’t want to get started on an amazing idea, just to run into legal troubles shortly after your grand opening.

3. Set a Budget.

In some situations, you can start a business with little to no initial capital. However, that is often not the case.

If you plan on selling a product, you need to understand how much you’ll need to spend on your initial set of merchandise. For a brick-and-mortar establishment, factor in the cost of rent. Do you plan on hiring workers, or will you be on your own to start? Will your business be funded by investors, or do you plan on taking out a loan to finance your venture?

It might be awhile before you begin to profit on your business, so make sure that you have enough funds to get through that period.

4. Create a Business Plan.

This is one of the most important steps involved with running your own company. You already know why you’re doing and what you need to get started, but having a business plan puts your idea into motion.

Consider all of the elements you’ll need for your business to succeed, and organize your thoughts into actionable objectives. Not only will you gain a sense of achievement from crossing items off the list, but you’ll have an accurate idea of what has or has not been taken care of.

5. Build Your Network.

Networking is crucial for anyone who wants to launch a successful business. This is especially true for people who have just entered the professional sphere.

Recent grads might not have a full book of business contacts, but they do have a few resources at their disposal.

Meaningful business relationships are just as important for business owners as they are for job seekers. Your contacts could help you source vendors, establish brand awareness, and attract clientele.

Attend networking events, find a mentor, or even meet up with some of your school’s most notable alumni. Most successful business owners and industry leaders have been in your position, so they can give you tips and tricks to build your own company.

It might be daunting to enter the business world with just an idea and a brand new degree. With a concrete plan and a lot of dedication, you could be just a few steps away from becoming your own boss.


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