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5 Basic Tips To Master Marketing Messages In 2019


by Jennifer Warren of GoodFirms

Content is the cornerstone of online businesses these days. Simply put, content attracts traffic, leads and ultimately conversions.

Not surprisingly, every online store out there is trying to make the most of it by crafting copies that compel the readers to take action.

So, now the question is: how to make your content so compelling that readers don’t feel the need to look any other way but singularly focus on your business and your business alone.

I know, it’s easier said than done.

But then the tips discussed below will help you master your marketing messages to win more traffic and conversions:

#1. Track down your Target Audience.

As it turns out, nearly all marketing articles drum on this fact: that you need to have a crystal clear idea about your target audience you are speaking to. You know why?

Because your content should be written with the target audience in mind and not for a broader audience. A generic content written for a more general audience will bore the reader

  • According to Marketo, 63% of the consumers are frustrated with generic ad messages.
  • According to Rapt Media, 63% of consumers relate better with brands that offer content that is interesting, relevant, and valuable.

So, the point is, if you still haven’t defined your buyer personas, take out some time to do so before you proceed ahead with crafting marketing messages. Your ability to connect with your audience will be considerably hindered if you are unable to reach deeper and at a more personal level.

When nailing down the person you are speaking to, think about the following:

Why should they care about your product or offerings? 

 #2. Warm Up to their Pain Points.

Wooing and winning your customers is easy if you put in enough leg work.  Put another way, you will have first identify their pain points and then convince them how your product or service will help them solve those issues.

For example, a content marketing agency will identify a client’s potential pain points in terms of :

  • Low Traffic, Leads, Conversions
  • Low engagement of customers on Social Media

So, their marketing message should speak of the following benefits.

  • Conversion-driven CTA buttons on your product and service pages.
  • SEO-oriented content for wider visibility on search pages.
  • Relevant content for social media platforms
  • Promotional or thought-provoking messages that prompt social media users to engage with your post

So, this how the content marketing agency helps its clients focus on their pain points and also enables them to solve their problems effectively.

It may also happen that the persona the agency is dealing with is seasoned enough to be aware of the nitty-gritty and is looking for more seasoned answers.

They may be frustrated by things like:

  • Enough technical know-how but helpless on the execution end
  • Too many things to handle at one go
  • Not enough employees

In this case, your marketing message should clearly state the problems your customers are facing and how your content marketing agency could chip in with some help:

  • SEO and SEM Experts to help execute plans
  • Prioritizing most important jobs
  • Hire writers on hourly basis

Instead of merely listing what your content marketing agency offers if you manage to outline offers that could help your customers solve issues, your ideal buyers would be interested.

#4. Woo Them with a Compelling Headline.

Once you have a clear understanding of your target audience and their problems, it’s time to hook them with a headline.

Given that your marketing messages will majorly hinge around one single, compelling headline, so make sure your words leave a lasting impression on your audience.

So, take out time to craft compelling headlines that sum up your blog post.

Using the same content marketing agency example from above here’s an example of benefit-driven headline:

A content marketing agency that helps accelerate your traffic and conversions by 50%


Simple tips and tricks to propel website traffic, conversion, and social media engagement of your business.

The point is to communicate the essential benefits in a single, powerful line that gets buyers interested in knowing more about your products and services and how you could help them.

#4. Use Customer-speak. 

According to Mario Velso, the author “Web copy that sells,” you need to avoid corporate-speak, brochure-speak, marketing-speak, and so forth in your digital copy.

Most of the businesses commit this error of marketing-speak because they think that’s what appeals to their audience. But then, nothing could be further from the truth. Using marketing-speak doesn’t strike-a-chord with your customers.

On the other word, if you use customer-speak, see what happens.

Now, how to use customer-speak? Speak to ideal customers, salespeople, customer support team, and more to get the exact words to incorporate in your copy. This sort of content is what tugs at the heartstrings of the audience.

#5. Present ‘What’s in it for them’.

Once you have your readers hooked through your headline and after convincing them to take a look at your offerings, your next step should be to tell them more about the benefits that they could derive from your product or services.

State your remedial measures, in other words, benefits, very clearly. That is, you need to highlight them. More importantly, you also need to put down that the customers won’t have to go through the same problems again if they start relying on your brand.

Too many brands simply focus on themselves and what they are offering. They don’t get down to what’s-in-it-for-their-audience. This could piss the readers off.


The process of creating a compelling marketing message is not as easy as it seems. Marketers often end up crafting overly complicated messages that focus too much on their company and their offerings, instead of talking about what’s-in-it-for them. Only when the customers know what’s in it for them, will they start reading up on your company and your offerings.

Over to you now! What’s your methodology to craft compelling content that attracts traffic and conversions?


Jennifer Warren is staff writer at GoodFirms – a review and research platform for top ecommerce development companies, digital marketing companies, web development companies among many others. She has guest blogged for top sites such as Crazyegg, Semrush, Searchenginepeople, Sitepronews, Volusion.com, Socialnomics, jeffbullas, mediapost among others.


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