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The Importance Of LinkedIn In The Modern World


In an increasingly online world, it is natural for selective processes to be done through tools and web sites. For a professional who wants to stand out and be always remembered in his area of ​​business, it is of extreme importance to be well connected both in the real world and in the virtual world.

So LinkedIn is one of the best tools to increase your online presence, keep up to date, network and get new business opportunities. It is important to understand how LinkedIn works to get the best out of this tool increasingly used by companies. Of course for more professional work, special tools such as LinkedIn automation tools.

LinkedIn is the largest social network specifically for professionals in the world. With more than 200 million users, with 3 million company pages, this social network brings together profiles from all areas. According to LinkedIn’s own data, among users worldwide, 2 out of 3 have bachelor degrees; 1 out of 4, graduated. 60% of them believe that being on social networks is the most successful. That is, LinkedIn is an important social network for disseminating curriculum, maintaining a network of professional contacts and disseminating interesting and relevant content. In addition, it is very useful to find new employees, analyze candidate profiles, and strengthen your presence in the market.

This network can also function as a channel for new business opportunities. By keeping your profile updated, professionals in your company will connect with customers and prospects, in addition to participating in discussion groups, which ensures more credibility and closeness. There, your company can disseminate information that adds value to the brand and extends contacts, and this makes your business a good reference for work and for investment.

But like all social networks, LinkedIn’s focus is on engagement and interaction. That is why it is very important to have digital content and marketing planning.

And your profile is the latest? So, see my tips:

– Always update your resume;
– Links to all the companies where you work. So, their logo will also appear on your page and your profile will appear on the search;
– Edit your current position according to what you want to express;
– Improve your skills and specialties;
– Find out which groups are interesting for your career and actively participate. This is a good way to stay in touch with other professionals;
– Introduce your acquaintances with a little law (professional and not personal) and ask them to recommend you;
– Enter your previous experience, even if in another area. The important thing is to know how to show it interestingly. Don’t forget to write a description of each position;
– You must also put all your academic training in place;
– Share news, blog posts that accompany you, whatever you find interesting, both in your feed and in groups;
– Enlarge your network. Find interesting professionals on Linkedin, partners, customers, contacts and make invitations to add them. But be careful, stop adding professionals who you don’t know might look desperate…
– Introduce your acquaintances with a little law (professional and not personal) and ask them to recommend you too.

Hopefully this information is useful!