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The Change Checklist – How To Boost Employee Productivity Through Software


Employee productivity should always be a top priority for business owners. Short of standing over your employees and demanding that they remain on-task, it can be difficult to get employees to get excited about their work. However, there are some steps that you can take to ensure your team are engaged in the tasks they are working on and are efficient in carrying out their duties.

Ensuring that your business is well organised and provides a positive working environment for your employees is key to improving productivity. It’s important that you give employees the tools and training that they need to complete their work to the highest standard and in the least amount of time. Software programs and online tools can help employees to exceed your expectations where productivity is concerned and allow your team to be efficient in their work. Online scheduling software and other technologies make many daily business tasks much easier for employees, making it easy for them to communicate with managers, and to schedule hours effectively.

Keep reading to learn how technology can help you to promote productivity in your business.

Track Attendance And Productivity Trends.

One of the central benefits of scheduling software is that it can help managers to track employee attendance and allow you to make changes to improve productivity based on the data. Depending on what software program you choose to use, business owners can compare trends between peak and slow hours with employee attendance. This is important as this software can potentially help managers to better provide a more efficient schedule for employees. Instead of scheduling too many employees for a particular day, and then having to send workers home, you can schedule the appropriate number of staff based on previous trends.

Better Communication With Employees.

Using technologies that allow employees to take ownership of inputting time and their overall schedule is another great way to increase productivity. Many scheduling software packages do much more than just allow employees to input the times that they worked. Some programs allow employees to enter their availability so that when managers draft a schedule their availability immediately blocks out times that are off limits. These programs also allow employees to input leave information to the system. If a person needs the day off for any reason, they can simply put in a time-off request, and the computer automatically prevents managers from scheduling them during this time.

Alleviate Bottlenecks In Productivity.

Technology can also allow for more flexibility in the workplace and, in the process, also increase productivity. For example, tablets that are used for different aspects of a store’s operations might also function as cash registers, making it possible for retailers to facilitate transactions ranging from taking returns to signing customers up for store credit cards. Mobile phones that can function as cash registers taking credit/debit transactions can allow employees to process payments quickly during busy periods, increasing their productivity. These are just a few ways that technology can be used to remove inefficiency and improve how the business operates throughout the course of a typical workday.

Incorporate Cloud Computing.

If your business operates in an office environment, it’s important that you consider making the move to cloud computing and give your team the platform they need to be more productive. Cloud computing is a great way for businesses to share information and carry out business tasks from any location and at any time. Employees who are out of the office meeting clients, dealing with providers or reaching out to new customers can remain connected with what is going on back at company HQ. Having the ability to access important files and documents remotely, gives your team the opportunity to do more for the business no matter where they are.  

Ensure Your Employees Are Happy At Work.

A lot can happen when an employee is invested in the company in which they work. However, managers have to ensure that the work is appealing and challenging for employees in order to keep them engaged. One of the keys to motivating employees is to provide them with clear benchmarks and milestones that they can strive for. Providing them with the tools to meet these expectations will allow your team to work at their full potential and move towards these goals. With the right software in place in your business, you can be sure that your employees will have everything they need to operate efficiently, improve productivity and do so much more for your business.