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4 Tips for Last-Minute Trade Show Planning


Experts recommend that you should start planning for a trade show at least six months in advance, but you know that’s not always feasible. Let’s say you came to know about a trade show opportunity at the last minute. Or perhaps, you’re looking to launch your product at a trade show in two months’ time.

Last minute trade show planning is more common than you think, says an expert at New Jersey Banner Stands, an acclaimed printing service provider that specializes in same day banner printing in New Jersey. While it’s possible to participate in a trade show at a short notice, last-minute planning leaves very little room for errors. When you are late, you need to be more organized.

Here are some tips for planning your trade show at the last minute.

1. Do your research.

Trade shows are a huge investment for your company. To know if the event is worth the investment, do your homework. For instance, before attending a trade show, check the demographic of your attendees. Ask your event organizer to share attendee data and details about media attendance and participating competitors. Those facts and figures should help you make a final decision about whether or not you should attend that trade show.

Once you’ve decided to participate, now you can use the same data to devise a strategy for attendee engagement.

2. Make a budget.

Since you are starting late, you’ll probably miss all the discounts for early bookings. On top of that, you may have to pay extra to almost every vendor. That’s because most of them are already booked; and they won’t accept your offer unless you pay them extra. So keep these things in mind when making a budget for your last-minute trade show campaign. Look for any chance to lower you expenses, without compromising on quality.

For instance, some banner printing service providers offer one day banner printing services at a reasonable price.

3. Plan your booth design.

When you contact a banner printing company with a rush order, you should give them a clear briefing right at the first meeting. You don’t have time for back and forth communication. Ideally, you should come with some design ideas and share those with your banner printing company.

In addition to your design ideas, share with them your other preferences, such as, what type of banners you want to use. Whether you need retractable banner printing or vinyl & mesh banner printing, your banner printing company should be able to help bring your ideas to life.

4. Identify the right booth staffers.

Before you choose your booth staffers, consider what questions your booth visitors might ask them. Now make a list of your employees who know the answers to those questions. Once you have prepared a list of potential candidates, consider which candidates have a pleasant personality suitable to represent your brand. Finally, check availability of the shortlisted candidates on the event dates. Since you are planning at the last moment, some of your preferred candidates may have prior commitments. In that case, look for candidates who might be able to replace them. Train your booth staffers, if necessary.

Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you cannot build a remarkable trade show booth. Follow the above tips last minute trade show planning.


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