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[ADV] A System Worth Investing Within A Business Network


When sending information within a network interface it is vital to look at security within the network. The flow of information should be free and not creating traffic at any time from the servers to the end user.

Business entrepreneurs need to ensure that they employ the latest technology which has wide network coverage and fixed security to prevent loss of data. They also need to ensure they have working mobile service and clients are also protected. This is where they decide to use a session border controller.

The system can be delivered virtually, an open stack cloud or over a standard Dell server. It is usually used worldwide and it appears in a variety of cases like ensuring there is peer to peer connection. This allows networking between the two endpoints as well as managing the media.

There is a session initiation protocol trunk which provides a wide solution to operators. It keeps data traffic flowing and limits malicious intrusion from attackers. It keeps mobile service and business managers’ safe by inhibiting each other’s network from being visible.

SBC enables the business to Skype when they are a world apart. This system also detects malicious acts within the system like fraudulent schemes. As a result, they are blocked and the network remains safe.

This system is preferred as it has various qualities that each entrepreneur looks for

  • It has high-performance standards and allows more than 250k sim card user registrations. It also allows more than 200000 sim calls
  • It is very secure as it contains a strong firewall which is highly encrypted. This form of protection keeps hackers at bay, thus securing the network.
  • It is a global system which is used worldwide by business entrepreneurs.
  • It uses session initiation protocol and IPv4 among operators

A border session controller has various mandates in the provision of secure, high-quality media connectivity, enabling evaluation of processes including quality attention services, inspection on a stateful packet, and encryption of session and services denial prevention capabilities.

An enterprise may opt for one of two paths on the deployment of border control, which is Evaluation and purchasing of SBC solutions for supporting in house unified communication platforms or endpoints. Also, deployment of own session controls as clients premise equipment within a managed service solution.

There are a number of border controls like…

Acme packet – works for both enterprise and service providers through a common operating system while boasting on interoperability with all unified communication platforms, as well as offering software to OEM vendors.

Audio codes – built on median media gateways offering cisco system tied to router portfolio and dedicated hardware module while leveraging market dominance in telephony space.

Ingate – offers two line functionality that’s firewall and siparator designed for small scale enterprises with a common approach to border controls.


Working with multiple computers has made work easier and reducing office space occupied by files. However, there needs to be a developed form of the network which is efficient, secure and free from vulnerability. Using Session border controller allows for this security for the enterprise and as a business owner, it is worth the investment.