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When You Need To Know – Use A Keylogger


Computers are a huge part of modern life for the majority of those people living in cities and towns around the globe. Instead of sending letters, communication often takes place by sending an email and receiving an answer within minutes. The same is true for changes occurring in the way people conduct their social life today. Dates are chosen from forums listing thousands of possibilities, and social media sites allow individuals to post their latest activities, favorite foods, and newest challenges for all the world to see.

But there is a downside to the global community that instant communication has brought about. Children can be stalked by online predators, and company employees can waste valuable work time in search of personal information.

Alarming Statistics.

As our most precious resource, we try to protect our children, but they can still encounter a dangerous world on the internet. More than 40 percent of the young children report encountering possible pedophilic activities while online; and alarmingly, more than 33 percent of the kids have come across adult videos. The problem continues in the work world where 64 percent of employees were found to spend company time on internet sites that were not work-related. Most surprisingly of all, three percent of the employees questioned said they spent more than 10 hours a week on personal internet sites.

Finding a Solution.

There is a solution to your problems. A young startup company out of Detroit, Michigan, created a resolution to the problem of wayward employees and curious children. Privately funded, pcTattletale makes spyware in the form of a keylogger for Windows 10. This spyware offers a unique solution because it not only captures keystroke activity, it provides a video as well.

Why Use a Keylogger?

You cannot watch every moment of your children’s internet or phone activity, so you don’t know when a predator could strike. Nor can you be present during every hour your employees are at work. The keylogger is the best solution in protecting your child from the criminal world trying to invade your home, and it can help you track company productivity by keeping an eye on employee computer usage.

Are Keyloggers Legal?

As a parent or employer, and if you own the device you are placing the software on in order to collect the data, then it is legal. That means if you fear your child may be visiting questionable sites, you can collect data about their activities. The same holds true for employers that worry about lunch breaks that may extend well into the afternoon.

How Keyloggers Work.

The software is easily downloaded to your computer, Android, or iPhone and it takes only minutes to set the system up. Once you have created an account, hidden in the depths of your computer or mobile device, the software records each keystroke that is typed. But since computers often hold some site password information in memory now, keyloggers efficiency has been called into question. That is why the new software from pcTattletale provides you with a video, as well as logged keystrokes. The information that is captured can be sent to a remote device such as your phone or computer, and the files can be viewed at your leisure.

Best Solution.

When you are at your wit’s end and need help, why not use the best solution available today to protect your children from pedophiles? Having the ability to capture images and keystrokes using a keylogger made by pcTattletale is the best solution to keeping track of those curious children and their internet activities. This valuable software can also help you monitor employees’ internet use at work. Why not check out their website? You can find out how the software works and download the free software version today.


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