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Basic Applications And Tools That No Business Should Ever Be Without


Tools. They are the pinnacle of our creativity. Whether they come in the form of handyman tools or software, they are at the core of every civilized society. Even the prehistoric man made use of tools in order to not only survive, but to also improve his quality of life.

In the modern era, mostly due to the advent of technology, the number and variety of tools we have at our disposal is incredibly numerous that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the total scale of things.

It’s not only time-consuming to sift through the plethora of tools and programs available to you, but it’s also an arduous task. Your time and energy would be better spent doing other tasks that are more important. And that’s where this article comes in handy.

So, here’s a list of the most basic but essential tools and applications that your business should have.

Billing System.

In the case of a retail or eCommerce business, a quick billing feature is going to be invaluable in the sense that not only does it expedite the billing process, which makes payments quicker, it also helps minimize the chances of error. The chances of error are significantly higher during manual billing, where the factors of human error and fatigue both come into play.

Inventory Management Software.

Another essential piece of software that every business needs is one that is capable of tracking and managing inventory. This is vital in every business, even if you don’t compete in the retail market, because all businesses will most definitely have assets that should be taken into account. How else are you going to know if an item is available for purchase?

The good part here is that even if you don’t have a budget for inventory management software, you can always go old school with Microsoft Excel. There are many guides that teach you various things like how to remove blank rows, how to find duplicate entries, and how to automatically perform mathematical functions, and so much more. 


Now, since you’re handling money, you need accounting software to help you keep track of your cash flow so that you’re able to determine how your business is faring. FreshBooks also works synergistically with QuickBooks to keep you on top of your finances.


You’re going to need an audience. And from that audience, you’re also going to find potential customers. MailChimp allows you to include graphics and special fonts in your emails, which will then be sent to your mailing list. This not only helps establish a connection with your audience but it also helps you maintain existing relationships with your buyers.


Finally, Expensify is an expense tracker. This type of software does exactly as its name suggests: helps you track your expenses. The rationale behind this is to help you detect if you’re spending money unnecessarily. The main goal, after all, of running a business is to profit from that venture, and that can be best achieved by increasing revenue while minimizing your expenses.