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Reasons Why You Need The Best Internet For eCommerce Startups


It might seem obvious that you need to have good internet in order to run an online business. However, with Australia’s new NBN internet plan, you need to make sure that wherever you are running your business from has great NBN coverage.

There are more than just a couple of reasons as to why you need to have the best internet around if you plan on running a successful ecommerce platform.

1. General Website Editing.

One of the biggest reasons why you definitely need to ensure that there is proper NBN coverage in your area, if you are an ecommerce startup, is so you can perform website editing and maintenance. The larger your ecommerce platform gets, the more important this becomes.

As new products roll in, you need to be able to list them on your platform in an efficient manner. The slower your internet is, the longer those products take to get up on your site, and therefore, sales will suffer. You need fast internet in order to make changes to your site and add products before the competitors do.

2. For Customer Service.

Another big reason why you need to ensure that you have proper NBN coverage wherever you are, is because as an online ecommerce startup, you need to be able to deal with customers. You need to be able to answer questions, deal with complaints, and just keep your customers happy in general. It is all about communication, and to communicate in this world, especially when it comes to profit margins, you need to have good internet.

3. So Customers Can Browse Fast.

You might think that NBN coverage only affects your end of the operation, but this is not true. The ecommerce website you run operates using a server. That server needs to be located in an area where the internet is fast. If the website you are running, the ecommerce platform, is not lighting fast, due to slow servers, then customers are going to leave. People hate slowness and they will leave your website real fast if it takes any more than just a couple of seconds for product pages or any other pages to load. Your website internet needs to be good to keep customers from going to a better functioning site.

4. Marketing & Research.

Another important reason why proper NBN coverage for your new startup is a big deal, is due to marketing and research. On one hand, if you plan to make your startup truly successful, no matter what products you are selling, you need to perform tons of market research first. Well, simply put, if you have good NBN coverage, it can take a fraction of the time to perform thorough market research, as opposed to having super slow, or even no internet. How are you going to perform any market research if there is no internet coverage in your area? The same can be said for marketing, which is mostly online nowadays.

The Best Internet For Your Ecommerce Platform.

The bottom line is that before you start your own ecommerce platform or website, you absolutely need to ensure that there is good NBN coverage in your area. Having the right internet, not to mention unlimited data, is more or less a must have if you plan on being successful.