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Basic Needs Lead To Positive Marketing


Like it or not the perfect classification of marketing is indeed simply people-pleasing. While this may seem to be an obvious statement to some, it ushers in deeper ramifications. Pretty packaging and dazzling advertisements may catch the eye of prospective buyers and be pleasing to their senses, but the basics are what seal the deal. All of the sleight-of-hand branding techniques to lure people to try a product can’t compete with the factors that are at the heart of each purchase. Knowing what the customers actually want and are seeking, where and how it fits into their lifestyle, and whether or not they can afford it are the real issues.

When marketers become aware of and use these basics for the foundation of their advertising, all of the creative and shiny branding details add to the overall attraction. This leads to a company keeping their current and loyal customers while appealing to new ones.

What They Want.

Statistics show that over 80% of consumers stay with the same brands they are used to using. These are comfort and time-saver issues. When buyers are looking for a particular product, they will inherently look for, find, and purchase that exact item. It’s what they know. Most people go to the grocery store with a certain list either on paper or in-mind. They need something specific that has worked for them in the past. Unless your item really stands out next to what they are already searching for, your pretty package will get overlooked for the tried and true that they have confidence in.

Getting the chance to draw customers away from what they know and trust takes a strong motivational technique. Along the same lines, encouraging them to try a new product with the potential hassle and time involved in returning it if they don’t like it, is an additional obstacle.

While loyalty and time management may make introducing new products to new buyers very challenging, image how easy it makes marketing to your own loyal customers. Practicing good business by constantly producing excellent products and focusing on customer satisfaction makes consumer retention simple. Be sure to invest in your current customers as you attempt to court new prospects.

Where It Fits.

Now more than ever, with so many food allergies and medical issues relating to what’s in food and how it’s produced, consumers are looking for a narrower margin of products. They are more conscious about what’s going into and onto their bodies. They care where the products they are using come from, how they are grown or cared for, and how they will affect them personally when they consume or use these items.

With this special bonus, fresh organic and environmentally safe products on the market are discovering new customers coming to them from their old, comfortable brands that haven’t kept up with the times. This is the chance to offer something they still need but with added benefits that bring more quality of life for them and the world around them.

For those who already have a strong client base, it’s time to look into what your product contains and how it’s being manufactured. If the system is flawed, look at other resources for your supplies and products. This is exactly how marketing expert Mark Crumpacker evaluated and turned around the way one of his recent clients procured their products, making them more savvy regarding where their supplies were coming from. In the end, it reflected a more positive light on his client and drew in more customers because the company cared as much about the supply as they did the demand.

How Much It Costs.

As you can see, money isn’t always the deciding factor. People will ultimately buy what they want and need, but a price difference definitely has the potential to catch their eye. People work hard for their money and they try to balance their desire to choose the best items with their desire to pay the lowest prices.

Since consumers want a good deal, if there’s a way to improve the product while still keeping the same cost, or even lowering it, you have an excellent chance at keeping your current customers. Word of mouth from your client base, especially if they already love what you are selling, brings in new buyers. Additionally, if you have a comparable product to what other customers are purchasing and it comes at a lower cost, they may be tempted to try your wares. This is your golden moment to gain new customers.

It’s all about knowing who your customers are and keeping them happy by consistently providing what they have grown to expect. Take that foundation and improve either your product or your packaging to keep up with the competition. Try to provide the very best at the most reasonable prices and keep the clients you have. Additionally, use word of mouth, health-minded products, and lower prices to draw future customers, for the best of both worlds.


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